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Right of way from Violet Street Aberaman North to the old Aberdare canal Head

This is a right of way (ROW) shown on the Rhondda Cynon Taf Councils definitive map but unfortunately because of a restriction it is imposable to walk this (ROW) it is blocked by deep water that has built up because of the lack of satisfactory land drainage.

The (ROW) starts at Violet Street Aberaman
North 202034 East 300970 Latitude 51.70808999 Longitude:- 3.43474604
To the Old Canal Head
North 202262 East 301420 Latitude 51.71039986 Longitude:- 3. 42818999

The (ROW) is obstructed where it passes under a bridge supporting the main Aberdare to Cardiff Railway line.

I do believe that RCTC are the landowners?

Landowner rights and responsibilities

I am sure the council were aware obstructing a ROW is a criminal offence.
The landowner must make good the footpath within 24 hours in all circumstances
I am informed the (ROW) has been blocked for months is this correct?

Below taken from RCTC website

The local Council can take action over blocked or disputed private public rights of way. Anyone affected in this way, whether a landowner or a member of the public, should consult the public rights of way officer.

Would that be Stacey Delbridge. Rights of Way Officer Rhondda-Cynon-Taff C.B.C. Llwyncastan, Library Road, Pontypridd, CF37 2YA
Telephone: 01443 400563 Fax No: 01443 405184

I have received a prompt response from Rights of Way Officer at RCTC and informed that the problem will be resolved in a few weeks.

As users of this ROW will know that the ground level under the railway bridge is lower than the adjacent land and water cannot run uphill, therefore some major work is involved so we will have to be patient.

I had to negotiate this yesterday after walking down through the Ynys fields from town to Cwmbach. That area under the bridge is still flooded so I just had to wade through. Luckily no piranhas....yet ;-)

A response from Green Spaces Manager
(Parks Development & Countryside)
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council
20 August 2014

My apologies for the delay in responding to you,

Basically a new pump has been installed (in late June) at the underpass and we have set up a maintenance and service agreement with the company who undertook the work. There are no guarantees that it will keep the underpass clear of water at all times throughout the year due to the surface levels, but it surely must be an improvement on the previous pump system. We have yet to have sufficient periods of wet weather to give it a real test, but undoubtedly this will occur in the coming months.

I note from your email to our Chief Executive that there were some other questions to which you had not received a reply and I would be grateful if you could let me know what they were and I will endeavour to provide an answer in due course.

Customer Services

Ref: Installation of new water pumps and associated works on Public Right of Way Ynys Fields Aberdare

On the 28th July 2014 I requested information from John Spanswick, Green Spaces Manager (Parks Development & Countryside)

To date I have not had the information requested 66 working days have now past, time enough for information to be supplied.

When will I receive the information requested?

Please can you provide information from the original list below as supplied to Mr. Spanswick on the 28th July 2014?

The costs of pump instillation and associated works

Cost of maintenance and service agreement

Name of company that did the work

Name of other companies that RCTC went out for tenders for the contract