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Dereliction and decay infested with litter just yards away from Aberdare Town Centre.

As well as being an eyesore with litter the building looks in an unsafe condition, as you can see no lock on the gate an invite for children into an unsafe structure.
Next to the Black Lion and the statue of Griffith Rhys Jones, or Caradog what an advert for visitors to the Town.

What's New Then ????????? The valleys have always been the same.

As ex-pats visiting Aberdare last year, were sad to see the lack of repect some folks have for their town. e.g.

Tescos car park, a group of young women eating take-way meals sat in a parked car. When meals were finished dumped the empty cartons out of the car window and drove away.

Young woman came out of Greg's, gave the contents of a paper bag to her young child, then threw the paper bag to the ground.

Dread to think what these peoples homes must be like!

Must disagree with cymro's comments "the valley's have always been the same". As others of our generation, growing up in the 50's we took pride in our town, and Aberdare was know as the Queen of the Valleys.

Ihave not been to Aberdare or Rhigos for many years now But when i went up there a lot of the houses were not keep up to scratch look run down i two grew up there from the age of 1ten.May vist this year when we go down to Wales this year.Trish.

You may not agree with me Anijim but your own experience with litter louts is confirmation of what far too many people in the vally's are like and unfortunately have always been.

I'm not condemning all the people of the valleys but sadly there is and have always been oo many people living there that have or never had respect for where they live.

This situation is brought home to anyone that travels further afield and can see the comparison.

Iv'e seen people throw their ashes/ rubbish over the banking opposite their own homes many many years ago and hope that the practice has now stopped with the introduction of the litter laws brought out some years ago.

An indication of what Britain is like with the name given to it as "The Dirty Old Mann Of Europe."

Sad is'nt it.

Point taken Cymro!

The council are not to blame on this issue, but the people themselves. They believe that they live in a s**thole, and therefore do their best to make it even more of a s**thole by throwing litter and rubbish wherever, and whenever, they feel like it.

I've got myself into trouble a few times, even being threatened, when I've pointed out to local yobs the errors of their ways when they threw litter down onto the street, like food wrappings, plastic bottles, cans, fag name it, only to be told with their usual skills of inarticulate oratory to go forth and multiply.

You can't educate meat of course, but it's a national problem by the look of it, with the whole of Wales being turned into one big landfill site, where litter and rubbish can be dumped anywhere with impunity.

Thus, if the people don't care, why should their elected representatives? A terrible indictment I'd say, and a disgrace to us that visitors see the type of people we are with respect to our environment. A beautiful landscape that clearly we do not deserve.

I'd like to point out to Anijim that this subject is posted on here at regular intervals but unfortunately the problem does'nt seem go away and as Y Ddraenen also points out it's the people themselves that are mainly to blame . The council comes in for a lot of criticism on here God only knows but they can only do so much and it's up to the people as well to have pride in their town and get educated as to the enviromental needs in this day and age. It is'nt as if there is no publicity about the need for good house keeping practices these days, It can only be assumed that the litter bugs are either too stupid or just don't care about the conditions they live in. I'd hate to visit their own homes.

As Y ddraenen has pointed out, this problem is country wide, not just the valleys. Cardiff is no litter free area either. I've also seen litter left on beaches, which really gets my goat. I remember an advert on the TV when I was a child, which showed a little girl running on the beach, and the camera freezes the frame at the point where she is just about to step on broken glass! Goes through me even now! I've seen litter thrown out of cars and vans on the move, not just sweet rappers, but cans also. I was always taught to take your litter with you, and put it in the bin. So yes, this is unfortunately a problem, but not just in the valleys.

Yes Geraint you are right about it not being a valleys only problem but the first post was of litter close to town in Aberdare so the later postings went on from there and talked of the valleys as the result but it was also mentioned that the name for Britain is "The Dirty Old Man Of Europe" so the valleys were'nt singled out for criticism about this very sad problem.

There are indeed far worst problems of this nature throughout the world for sure but the valleys are relevant to this debate because most of the postings on here are from people currently living there or former residents and if these postings stir up just one persons consciousness it's done at least some good.