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oaklands lodge

Seeking information about the oak lands and also the lodge,that used to stand at the junction of clarence str. and cardiff rd.

Well, Edmund Mills Hann lived with his large family in Oaklands at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. A mining engineer and director of the P.D.S.C.Co., who originally came from Hatton, Durham, he was hugely influential in the South Wales coalfield.

There were many members of the Hann family who lived in Aberdare over the years. For example Edmund Lawrence Hann, son of the above lived at Ysguborwen House, and was Managing Director and Chairman of the Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co. Ltd., the Rhymney Iron Co. Ltd., and Great Western Colliery Co. Ltd.; and was a Director of the Taff Merthyr Steam Coal Co. Ltd. Member of Council of the Institution of Mining Engineers, etc etc.

E.L. Hann forged the merger of PD with Welsh Associated Collieries to create the most powerful company in British coal mining.

Quite a family! Needless to say they became rather wealthy!

I had this from Sue with regard to the Oaklands

Sue said, Just wanted to comment on Oaklands in expats forum as I was actually born there in 1955 and apparently was the first baby born there for about 28 years.  My Grandfather was the mines manager at Aberaman and we lived with him and my Grandmother at 2 The Oaklands.  Now its a school.