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Heolyfelin Chapel Records

Can someone please tell me where in Aberdare it might be possible to access christening/marriage/death records for Heolyfelin Baptist Chapel? I will be visiting in the spring and would like to check family history records. I know the library has some information but it doesn't appear to have anything from Heolyfelin. There are also photographs I would like to have a copy of. Also where can I access cemetery records? Thanks for any help/information.

There is a mention of Heolyfelin Baptist Chapel in Alan Vernon Jones book The Chapels of Cynon Valley.

Have a look at the links

Lewis, thanks for the links. Unfortunately there is no mention of records in the info. you link to. It is just history of the chapel. Also the other site says there is no
depository for chapel records each chapel was responsible for their own. My question is therefore where are the ones from Heolyfelin kept? There must be registers of marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc. where are they? I gather the chapel doesn't function on a regular basis i.e. there are no regular services on a Sunday. Who has or where are the records? Are they accessible to the public?

Rhondda Cynon Taf records are kept in Pontypridd in the basement of the old town hall next to the bus station.

You could contact the registrar at Pontypridd

Heol-y-felin, Ebenezer, (Congregational) burials from 1811 to 1835 reported to be at The Public Record Office, now known as The National Archives, Kew.