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Does anyone know if "Diddles" the drummer is still in Aberdare? We played in a band in the early eighties, he went to my Dad's school! We played a few "Rush"
numbers and our own stuff. Diddles's surname is Hughes and lived in Abernant in
the eighties. Thanks to any one who can help.

It has been 6 months since I tried to contact "Diddles" via Aberdare On-line, Come on guys, "Diddles" worked at a Bakery owned by the Kirk family. They brought his drum Kit to our gigs in the Bread Van! Our Band was called Nexus (not Ohibo Paronti) we played in The Conway nr the Police Station.This was around 1982. We supported Crazy Cavern and the Rhythm Rockers at The Colloseum nr The Old Boys Grammar.And whoever is "THS" you mentioned our band (incorectly) as Ohibo Parronti (who were older than us and brilliant !) as my brainchild. We were big into "Rush" in those days. I will keep a look out over the next 6 months to see what info turns up. Thinking caps on Thank you guys.

Not sure you will get to see this - apologies for getting your band wrong - I think I saw you play at Coliseum, 'Closer to the Heart' wasn't it ?
don't think I knew Diddles though.