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10 films of the alphabet

7. Independence Day.
8. It Happened one Night.
9. In the Line of Fire.
10. Inn of the Sixth Happiness.


1. Jaws.

2.Jungle Book.

Thanks for putting this thread back on.

Here are my films.

3. Jurassic Park

4. Jane Eyre

The only other J, I can think of.

5. Jumanji

6) Jesus of Nazareth
7) jesse james
how about jurasic park____... TWO!!

Joan of Ark
Journy Into The unknown


1. Kindergarden cop.

1.King and I.

My one was number 2.sorry.

3.Knights of the round table.

Crossed by there Trish,call mine No2.

On the ball fair play Trish.
4. Kramer V Kramer.

5. Kind Hearts and Coronets

6. King Kong


8. Kismet

9.Kiss me Kate.

An oldie.
10. Key Largo.

1. Lawrence of Arabia.

Last Tango in Paris
Lady killer
Lost in Space
Last of the Mohicans

6. Look back in anger

7. Live and let die

8.little Woman.

9. Limelight.
10. Lady and the Tramp.

1. Men in Black.

2. My fair lady

3. Mad Max


6. Miranda.
7. Murder on the Orient express.

8. Mamma Mia.

A new film and it is very funny , watched it at Christmas.

Glad you enjoyed it B G, The wife had the DVD for Xmas, she's been to see the show twice, and she will go again.

9. Mary Poppins.
10. Mrs Miniver.

1. North to Alaska.

2. Nostradamus

3. Ned Kelly

4. North by North West.

5. Niagra.
is it A Nightmare on Elm St, not sure?

6 Notorious

My film buff wife just reminded me.
7. None but the Brave.
8. National Velvet.

9. Nicholas Nickleby

10. Never say Die

1. On the waterfront.

One flew over the cookoos nest

On Golden Ponds ????????

Henry Fonda

5. Our Man in Havana

6. Oklahoma (Musical)

7. Orka Killer Whale.

8. On the Beach

9. Octopus

10. Oceans 11.
1. Patton.


2 Psycho

3. Papillon
4. Platoon

Eiragwyn, there was no need to call me that, LOL.

5. Passport to Pimlico

Paths of glory

Pocahontas,not sure abot the sppellin, but its about that red indian girl, you know mun.


Thought I would get in quick here as there are not going to be many begining with Q .

1. Quadrophenia

If it gets bogged down go on to R.

2. Quo Vardis

Quatermass and the Pit

Quiz Show (Robert Redford)


The Quiet Man

Is this more like you Nonrev (I,m sure it is )

That's the first time I've been called that Eiragwyn. LOL.
I can't think of another Q maybe someone can come up with more by tomorrow.
I've got a few more puzzles sorted out once this runs out.

Queen of the Damned