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Littered with discarded cans and bottles.

The footpath to the Ynys from Aberaman North due to mindless morons is littered with discarded cans and bottles.

It costs us the taxpayer thousands to clean up after these idiots you cant blame the council for not keeping litter at bay 24/7 its an imposable task.

When are we in the valleys going to wise up and see it’s our money we are throwing on the ground every time we dispose of litter other than in the bin we have to pay to get it picked up.

I think it would be wise to ask why are there so many mindless morons? Oh Yes I agree with you that they exist but why?.

Primarily its all down to education, or the lack of it. There are so many people leaving school today who have even failed to attain the basic skills in the THREE Rs.

What awaits them?

Not much but the Job Centre at a time when youth employment is at an all time high,....AND THE JOB CENTRES ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO TRICK CLAIMANTS OUT OF BENEFITS LET ALONE OFFER THEM SOME FORM OF SKILL TRAINING!

Then of course you have the drug and booze culture, but wait I know a number of these from my school days and they were great people, hard working and dedicated....until they lost their jobs and with that loss went their self respect.

Some have informed me of how they have been treated while looking for work and claiming benefits, by Job Centre Staff. I dont want to go further with this right now, but dejection, social exclusion, together with a lack of self respect as a result figure largely in the picture.

Why look after the environment when the government cant look after us....a number of people have told me exactly that.

Do these people who feel so hopeless let us down, or indeed is we, the more fortunate, that let them down?

If our social standards and services are forceably regressing,(this time through the ludicrousness of so called austerity cuts) and local, or central government continues to offer a declining third class service to society, then surely they are going to get a fourth rate reaction.

Littering is a major problem in RCTBC, and yes I agree a costly one! But its already built into the annual budget...It has to be as RCTBC have a statutory duty imposed upon them to keep the Borough litter free, and they have no way out of those obligations!

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA) is the primary bit of legislation that governs littering and fly-tipping. The EPA makes it a statutory responsibility of the relevant organisation (mainly Local Authorities) to keep their land free of litter and refuse.

Associated with the EPA is a document called, The Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse. This is significant because it categorises the type of land and the degree of littering and, based on these categories, specifies the maximum time period in which the responsible organisation must act. So, for example, litter must be cleared from a city centre area within half a day, whereas for a rural lane the time allowed is 14 days.

Therefore, with reference to the footpath to the Ynys from Aberaman North, if you report a heavily littered area or some fly tipping on a public space or roadside verge, the Local Authority has no option that have to do something about it.

Mind you, be warned, you have to insist as they will be evasive, and make all sorts of excuses, as they have done in the past, maybe that's why the train ride down to Ponty still appears to be set in some third world landfill site.

There are many managerial problems within RTCBC that should not exist under a highly profession team


Also, and this is indeed the salient point, I dont see any real innovation, motivation and dedicated enthusiasm from our elected councillors who really should be there, right in the thick of it, directing the paid officials to ensure that what is best for the valleys is carried out with an unsurpassed excellence of service..

Councillors are pretty quick to pocket their allowances though!

Most of this happens after school and evenings. the council closes at 17.00hrs so no chance of getting this sorted.

The path from Cwmbach to asda's is in a similar state. I feel like collecting al the rubbish in individual bags and dumping it outside asda's, KFC, farm foods et all and let them clean up the mess.

Surely the council should have a caveat built into the local rent that large business and franchise food outlets have to ensure they pick up their rubbish for around 500mtrs from their location or they get an increase on their council tax

This has been an old grouse of mine for years. I see so much litter all over the valley when I go out on my mountain bike. The country park and the old tramroad from Trecynon to Hirwaun are just landfill sites that the local populace uses at its leisure. And the railway embankment from Mountain Ash down to Abercynon is another case in point of what the local populace thinks of its environment too.

If they don't give a damn, why should anyone else care? They allow this to happen and expect other people like the council to clean up after them. Now we already know that the council couldn't care less about the environment either, what with their attitude to developers wrecking our landscape. Check out the country park itself, where they've allowed a housing estate to extend all the way down to the lakes. Not very environmentally aware that, is it? Obviously the attitude of a Phillistine element if ever there was one.

Ours is a beautiful landscape in the valleys right now, what with the coal mines gone and the Phurnacite plant in Abercwmboi but a memory, but we continuously abuse it and treat it with contempt. It's always been my contention that those who treat their environment like this, are undeserving of it and should be living in the kind of filth that would suit them better. And that goes for those who have the power to get things done, like local councils, but choose to treat the environment in the same way that they treat their constituents: with equal contempt.

So, what do the people of Cynon Valley think of their environment? Check out the amount of litter and filth they leave behind for the answer to that one. It's a chicken and egg situation really: If the people themselves don't care, why should the council? And if the council don't care why should the people themselves?

This makes my blood boil. But it's not just Cynon Valley, it's endemic throughout the country with just a few exceptions. I cannot, for the life of me, see the logic in finding a beautiful spot to have a picnic and then leaving it full of your discarded rubbish. It certainly may have been a terrific spot to have the picnic yesterday but no more.

I often sit in the car whilst my wife goes shopping in Tesco. The number of times I've seen a car full of people eating their disgusting MacDonalds just throwing the rubbish out through the car windows. I've even had to swerve to avoid a flying carton thrown through a sunroof on the by-pass, looked like a KFC.

Almost every day there is a group of council workers cleaning the litter from the side of the by-pass between Penywaun and Asda such is the amount of rubbish from fast food outlets. All this is manna from heaven for the rodent population of the valley, which is on the increase.

I don't think you'll be able to take a walk on any of the popular footpaths in the valley without coming across discarded cartons, beer cans and smashed bottles.

This is just down to sheer laziness by some people. I always stick to the rule of "if there is no bin to place your rubbish in, then take your rubbish home with you". The same laziness can be said for people who do not put shopping trolleys back after using them, and just leave them to roll into other cars. I have seen this happen many a time, resulting in someones car being damaged. There really is no excuse for any of this. I wish some people would just stop being so bone idle.

There is the The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC)

The producer's responsibility applies. This means that the producer is responsible for preventing undue or excessive waste creation and to secure or encourage the acceptance of return waste. When you buy a radio, TV or a fridge, unpack immediately and return the styropur packaging to the supplier.

There is a Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse which sets out the legal standards which every local authority has to achieve and is found under section 89 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990.

Its objective is: ‘To provide practical guidance on the discharge of the duties under section 89 by establishing reasonable and generally acceptable standards of cleanliness which those under the duty should be capable of meeting’


Section 89 of the EPA places a cleansing duty on certain bodies to keep their relevant land clear of litter / refuse as far as is practicable. (Relevant land is publicly accessible land which is open to the air and which is under the direct control of the body.) There is also a duty to keep public roads in Scotland clean as far as practicable.

The main Duty Bodies in relation to litter are local authorities in this case RTCBC.


Our borough council needs innovative, motivated and proactive leadership in order to encourage retailers to be more concerned over how they package the products that they sell, especially the fast food chains.( we pay them well enough to ensure that the Rhondda could be practically litter free). If you buy a product, any product, in a German shop, you can give the packaging straight back. They must then dispose of it responsibly. Wouldn't it be great to unwrap that swede or broccoli and give the cashier the cling-film? Local markets sell food in its natural state. There are no sweating Swedes, plastic peppers or clingfilm carrots, just the raw produce in the way nature intended it.

I am sure that with the right approach by our council, and councillors, the litter problem would be greatly minimised, but we need the right approach....and that takes a dedicated passion to see thing are done right for the benefit of all!

I have been informed that the new dumping site is around the new What Store on Aberaman industrial estate as can be seen from the A4059 the main route into Aberdare from the south.

As well as rubbish someone has cleaned out the culvert and left the spoil dumped is there supposed to be someone from the labour controlled council at looking after culverts and fly tipping had a few months off I expect.

Who’s ward is it Aberaman North or South councillors with tinted glasses on I expect only see what they want.

This subject have been discussed on here for a number of years and it seems there are still too many people in the valleys that have no respect for where they live, They litter as they go and wherever they go they leave their filthy habits and at the same time tell people of their low intelligence.

On my visits to Aberdare over the years I have been disgusted at the litter strewn about every where even at the top of the mountain leading to Maerdy where many people, especially visitors, stop to take in the beautiful view of the Beacons and the valley below. I hate to think what their impression of Wales and it's people are as we let ourselves down very badly in the department of hygiene, good house keeping in the community and the environment generally.

There are laws that have been in place for many years now against littering but no-one ever seems to be prosecuted there for doing just that, it's as if even the police are in acceptance of the practice of littering.

Some of the so called 3rd world countries I have visited could set us an example.

It's no wonder Britain is known as the "Dirty Old Man of Europe." Makes you feel proud doesn't it ? Not.

I live in Canada. Here we have a litter program where various groups take on the cleaning up of litter along the highways or in the parks. The city crews do the spring clean up (where litter has blown and caught on fences) in main city areas. However, Girl Guides, Scouts, schools, and other groups volunteer for spring and fall cleanup. At those times, volunteers of all ages can be seen collecting litter and placing the garbage bags on the sides of the roads for pick up. In addition, crews from the remand centre can often be seen in their orange jumpsuits picking up the garbage. Ours is a very clean province but is kept pristine by volunteers. As a Guide leader I took my groups twice a year to various areas to do a clean up.
While people who litter are obviously causing a problem it makes no sense to complain and do nothing as the problem just gets worse. Perhaps the people who would like to have a clean environment should connect, invite groups to join, and begin a Clean Up Aberdare project. It only takes one person to start it all.
Challenge the schools to see who can collect the most rubbish. Pile the collected rubbish in one area and measure it, photograph it, get the media involved. Put up signs in areas to let the public know who did the clean up. A community that works together will usually endeavour to keep things tidy. However, a project like this needs to be on going. Spring and fall are ideal time for this kind of work.
I think, perhaps, that the time has come to stop discussing and complaining but just getting on with things that need doing.

The same sort of things happen here in Australia too and the the towns streets, parks and beaches are generally pretty clean wherever you go making the environment pleasing to live in but at the same time the councils have an obligation to do their tasks as well as after all the people pay for those services. While it maybe a good thing that volunteers give their time t0 the community there are others that will take advantage of that good will. Those people that do litter should be heavily fined and exposed to public gaze as a litterer and anti social person, That treatment would soon bring them to their sense of responsibility to their communities and eventually the council would be able to do the task easily that they get paid for without having to rely on the good will of volunteers. Working together for the benefit of the community should apply to every one not just volunteers.

We all know that councils will not do what we think they should; we also know that there are people who don't care about the environment or their communities. Therefore, the situation will continue if someone doesn't step in and do some thing about it. You would be surprised to find how many people would rally to clean up. If the schools were involved -especially the new high school (what a great project to start them off) the children might be less likely to cause a problem if they had to clean it up.
Constantly complaining, and pointing fingers does nothing; being good role models and rolling up one's sleeves now and again does.

A P "Being good role models and rolling up one's sleeves now and again does".

While the filthy no hoper litterers laughs and get's away scot free.

Hit em hard I say.

Who are "they" and where do you find them to "hit em hard"?
While you are looking for them the garbage still piles up, nothing is done and people continue to complain and so it stays as it is. Now Cymro, you and I are thousands of miles away, basking in our garbage free environment, we shouldn't be poking our noses into the affairs of the people who live in a town we have left behind. Was it the garbage that sent us flying east and west?

This is the trouble nowadays, When they do catch them they let them off with a slap on the wrist and that is partly why we have the mess in our communities we have these days.

Discipline in the schools was stopped approx 40 years ago and it has gone down hill ever since where no-one is responsible for their actions any more and personally I am sick of forever seeing the no hopers get away with things while the ones that are responsible too often gets the bad end of the stick.

I myself left Wales to find a better life for myself and family as I was sick of working around the clock and getting nowhere and fortunately I have bettered myself and my family but that doesn't mean I don't care about what's happening back in the valleys as I still have family there too.

If no-one complains when you see something wrong nothing will be done to put things right, You must have noticed that it's only the ones that protest that get things done , not the one's that sit back say nothing and accepts anything that's thrown at them. I'm not against volunteers as I've been one myself on times but I do get pissed off when it's the same ones all the time while others get away with murder with no retribution and the authorities don't seem to care too much either, with them it's often a case of " Don't rock the boat" but if the boat doesn't get rocked now and again it won't go too far as even in calm waters it must rock a little to make progress.