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New £50 Million Plus School

Is it true that contractors have to divert the river Cynon to incorporate the new roundabout required for the new £50 million plus school?

I was also informed that this additional work was not in the original budget for the scheme is this correct?

I would say there is no truth in this at all, I went to the open day 2 weeks ago and the plans there show no river diversion, the only work in the river is to build the bridge supports.

If people went to these open public days they have held the rumours wouldnt start I'm sure

Dont need to divert river just build a bridge????

The person who informed me of the extra cost also attended the open day at Michael Sobell Leisure Centre, Aberdare, and received the information from whoever was there at the time.

Well if they need to divert the river cynon for this project we will all be able to see it plain as day so there will be no conspiracy theories on this one..... lol

i think the trafic at school times at the new school will be a bit of a problem, i hope not, remember not all they tell you in meetings is going to work. everything looks good on paper but we will see, if things go wrong who will take the blame not the council. as for diverting the river
divert it outside the council offices in rhondda so when they get their money they will have something pretty to look
at instead of the looking at their new cars,but we are all in this together

I have been informed today that the River Cynon was not diverted.
I was also informed who is looking after the £50M project for RCTC if the past is anything to go by they will do a good job.

Who is running this job then lewis?

They seem to be planning a lot of road improvements as part of this scheme, it looked on the plan on display and from the work they have started that they are building extra lanes on the roundabouts and the A4059

I just happen to speak to someone yesterday and he informed me who was looking after the new school and associated works. I have worked with them in the past on RCT works and from my experience in 50 plus years in the construction industry they are a good team experienced and Conscientious about the work.

Unlike some departments within RCTC who have major problems with directors and managers and are allowed to get away with it.

It’s the way it’s done in Rhondda Cynon Taf why bother with a planning application for the school they already spent thousands on a bridge.

Planning application 17 December 2012 registered between 17/12/2012 and 28/12/2012

Development by Rhondda Cynon Taf Application Ref: 12/1292/08

Proposed mixed use education and leisure development (D1 and D2 use classes) comprising a new secondary school and caretaker's lodge; replacement sport and leisure centre, athletics track and stadium, multi-use games courts, skate park, public playground; and associated access, parking, infrastructure and landscaping works.

Location: Michael Sobell sports centre, Ynys road, Aberdare, CF44 7PE

Things get built especially in Aberaman and then an application placed for retrospective approval.

No planning law in Aberaman just speak to the right people and don’t bother with

Material considerations the law that should be taken into account like:
Overlooking/loss of privacy
Layout and density of building
Nature conservation

My main concern is for the pupils who will have to attend this massive school. Education standards, already low in Wales, will drop even further in Cynon Valley because huge schools like this lose the personal touch, and they just become factories churning out results but leaving most pupils poorer educationally.

Oh, there'll be fantastic results from this school, all on paper of course, you can bet on it, but going on the trend that I've personally witnessed from my years working in Cardiff University, I can vouch for the fact that standards of literacy and numeracy, even at the basic levels, will fall, no matter whether the pupils have A* grades or not. I've seen it, and I expect the worst to follow here. Let's just hope I'm proven wrong.

Discipline and decent teachers thats all it takes

They don't allow discipline in schools, and good teachers, which most of them are, are made to teach within a very narrow curriculum, so that they do not deviate from the norm and thereby spoil the results in the league tables. It's all about results, not about education. This huge school will not make any improvement. In fact, I'm predicting a fall in standards for the reasons I've already given.

A HEADTEACHER from the Towy Valley has told how she “went into shock”

on learning she had received an OBE for services to education in the New Year’s Honours List.

Llandeilo-born Sue Davies, 54, who teaches at Cynffig Comprehensive School in Kenfig Hill but who will take over at a new ‘superschool’ in Aberdare next month, said: “I simply could not believe it.

Good report

All those open balconies. Sorry but if I was 14 I would have to drop and balloon full of water on to one of those ghostly figures that are walking around.

No wonder I averaged a caning a week in Bryngolwg. Bring back corporal punishment. Never did me any harm.

Any truth in the rumour that when the £50 million plus super school is open Aberdare Girls School will be used as an open prison?

Also another rumour the new super school will be to small to accommodate all pupils and Blaengwawr Comprehensive School is to remain open?

This is a rumour that has been doing the rounds for a few years now, but nobody knows except RCT Council and they ain't telling. They probably know of the plans for the old school, but they're keeping stumm at the moment, making out that they too know nothing, but there are plans afoot for it, and they know about them, of that you can be sure.

Some have said that the old school is to remain in education. What that means I've no idea, but an open prison? If there's money to be made out of it by RCT Council, then as previous form shows, no matter how many protests there are against it, they'll go ahead with it against the people's wishes. That's how they behave, and the people's wishes will not be taken into account.

Still, at the moment it's all speculation, but I always expect the worst with RCT Council, and so far I've not been disappointed.

What idiot from planning has decided to put two sets of traffic lights so close together between the new roundabout and the sports centre? The set by the new round about will be backing onto the roundabout if there's more than 3 or 4 cars queuing. Also, what is the point of the new set by the sports centre when there is a bridge directly above. What a joke!

Nigel Brinn, head of highways, transportation and strategic projects at Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, said: “This is an ambitious, essential piece of work to improve traffic flow, traffic management and the capacity of the road infrastructure at this key location in Aberdare

The cabinet member on RCTCBC I think who is responsible for highways and Frontline Services – County Borough Councillor Andrew Morgan

Cabinet Member for Economic Development & Community Safety – County Borough Councillor Paul Cannon is responsible for safety

I assume they have the last word in the in approving the design that's what they get paid for

Capita Symonds I assume is responsible for its design they have a Glamorgan joint venture partnership with Merthyr, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Bridgend County Borough Councils.

Are they to build a boating lake at the bottom of the new roundabout. Or are the council hoping that anyone that crashes their car into it will sink without trace.

BBC Wales headline for the new super school
“£350m Aberdare super-school plan unveiled”

RCTC say the cost would be £50Million I expect with some contingencies for the unforeseen.

The school project is still in the ground and there is small amount of work left on the access roads to be completed.

Labour Cabinet Member for Education Eudine Hanagan said
"Numerous issues have been encountered that have prolonged the length of the design process. More recently we have experienced problems with the construction market generally where there appears to be a reduction in the supply chain as a result of the recession. This has contributed to a delay in agreement of a target cost with the contractor."

Is the cabinet member saying no final costing for the project had been agreed before employing a contractor to start the project?

If this is the case RCTC have given the contractor a blank check
Rhondda Cynon Taf council is proposing the school on one site as part of an "education, leisure and community masterplan" from September 2014.

We now have a new completion date of April 2015 with the project still in the ground there will be many more unforeseen problems past experience tells me that and the cost will escalate and further delays will be inevitable.

It all means extra cost for us the taxpayer

Anyone know if the access works were over budget and by how much.

Never mind the cost of the school for now, we know that's going to be astronomic, what concerns me more than anything is the standard of education our kids are going to get.

You can throw all the A Level and GCSE results at me that you like, but I know from personal experience of working for 22 years in a university, that the literacy and numeracy standards of our home grown students are atrocious.

Kids now are no different to former generations, but the education they receive is all target and tick box based, just like every other aspect of life in this screwed up country of ours.

Even university degrees are suspect as far as I'm concerned, and they too do not impress me much either after I saw how engineering students, and their tutors for that matter, did not have much idea of the practical aspects that go on in the real world of engineering and science.

I used to notice in my students' lab reports the glaring errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation that they submitted. It was really upsetting for me, because even Chinese students had a better command of written English than the home grown specimens. But I was told by the senior lecturers not to concern myself about it, because that's their problem not mine.

I saw a little anecdote today in a newspaper about this very issue, whereby a teacher remarked that now that a pupil's handwriting had improved and become legible, it had become glaringly obvious that his spelling was appalling.

Nice one, I thought.

Front page of CV Leader this week reckons that this school will not be built in time for 1600 pupils to move in. Now I'm sure that arrangements will be made in the short term to accommodate the kids. OK, it's unfortunate that the school will not be ready until 2015, but that's just bad luck.

These things happen, though I'm sure that the contractors are doing their utmost to put things right, but situations have a nasty habit of going awry sometimes, and yes it will be an inconvenience to many pupils for a short while.

Maybe there's a touch of bad planning, or maybe other problems have turned up that nobody foresaw, so let's not get too carried away with the blame game for all this. It's just one of those things, and it'll all turn out right in the end.

At least our kids will still have a brand new school to go to, with the latest equipment, unlike a school I saw in a Sunday newspaper in Zambia in Africa some months ago, where the school was a tin shack, and the kids, all girls, didn't even have enough desks and chairs to sit on. They were photographed with many of them standing against the wall with their tattered little books in their hands.

They had one thing though that literally brought tears to my eyes, and that was the will to learn, to become doctors, and architects, and engineers, and teachers themselves; all to lift themselves out of poverty. That will to win was more important in my eyes than a little inconvenience of not having a school ready in time.

I wish we had some of those kids' spirit in our communities.

Michael Sobell Sports Centre in Aberdare has been closed with immediate effect due to flooding from the River Cynon

Work on the main highway through Aberdare to accommodate the £60 million plus school has been ongoing for some time when will we see an end to unnecessary traffic cones where is Andrew Morgan he is in charge of highways at RCT Council.

It looks like the contractor is hanging on for as long as he can, today by Abernant roundabout traffic cones blocking off one lane with a contractors van parked 2 men hanging around doing very little.

Whoever is looking after the contract for RCT needs to get a grip and get the main highway completed and remove traffic cones, it was only a few weeks ago they laid the finish on the pavements at this rate the school will be completed before the main highway.

I am don't think this is a Highways scheme, it's a corporate project as all the reports online are in the name of corporate services. This is under the Leader and Deputy Leader I think and not Cllr Morgan

So what you are saying is it’s not Andrew Morgan problem but it’s someone else has not been keeping their eyes on the escalating time scale and lack of finishing.

Well it’s the two top RCTC men in charge that would explain it obviously do they care?

The contractors have moved a few traffic cones this week but I was mistaken the footpaths are not completed, landscaping is non existent as everyone knows now is the time to plant.

Will the School be completed before highways?

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council confirmed the building would not be completed until April 2015, with a phased occupation-taking place until Whitsun 2015.
The new school looks to be coming on well lets hope we have some fine weather this summer to push it on lots of kids looking forward to the new school I expect.

New Highway Infrastructure for £50 Million School
I see they are still working on the new bridge over the River Cynon, someone had second thoughts after the Ynys was flooded?

Just how much over budget has this highways work and new bridge cost?
As I have said before they will be working on the highway Infrastructure when the school is open, they haven’t finished cosmetic works and now they seem to be working in the River Cynon.

Who is paying for all construction prelims if all this work is after practical completion date?

When was the completion date anyone know?

Aroundtown do you know the answer?

No idea if it's running late or over budget but the project is due to be completed by October isn't it? Well the leisure part at least.

As for the work in the river I would guess its Down to the time of year so that's why they working there now? I know the the environment agency don't allow work during the winter due to flow levels and like wise this restrict when it's the fish spawning time

We are into August and I see today Contractors BAM Nuttal Ltd are still closing off sections of highway supporting the new £50 million plus school.

Will the highway infrastructure be completed before the new school opens that’s the question.

Anyone know if the new school over budget?

Good questions all round. 50m and if it's late etc...

I see contractors Bam Nuttal Ltd have closed off sections of the Aberdare bypass this morning still working of the road infrastructure for the new school.

I understand the new school is open now with road infrastructure not completed