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Can YOU help in finding some family ancestors?

Let me introduce myself. You may even remember me, Dennis Gould, a resident of Clifton Street, Foundry Town, and a pupil at Aberdare Grammar School, 1949 – 1954. My father was a member of the management team that established the Sobell television factory in Rhigos. His recall to the Head Office of the company in 1955, resulted in the family returning to England.
In my retirement I have turned to genealogy and researching the family tree. That is easier said than done, but at least the surname GOULD is much less common than WILLIAMS, the family name of the young lady, Mavis, who became my wife. Mavis comes from Hirwaun and Rhigos. Perhaps I should record that the “History of the Villages of Hirwaun and Rhigos”, written by Nansi Selwood, a resident of Penderyn, was one of the sources that lead me to this project.
When it comes to current “brick walls” I should greatly appreciate help with two branches of the family. Firstly, are you related to John (Jack) PHILLIPS, son of John PHILLIPS and Martha MATHIAS, born 1881 in Haverfordwest? Was it the son or the father who was a blacksmith?
Secondly, what can you tell me about Thomas SMITH, born in 1866, who married Hannah LEWIS, born in 1867? Hannah was more often referred to as Granny “Dowlais” Smith!
I do hope that someone who reads this has some of the answers, and, in return, perhaps I have a solution to one of your questions.
Dennis Gould

Hello Dennis . I know nothing about your relatives but i believe we were in Scouts together.
As it's 60yrs ago the memories are dim. I tried to E-mail you but it did'nt get to you.
E-mail me at