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Sergeant David Fisher Davies

We have just found out that my late great aunts fiance David Fisher Davies was from Aberdare. He was born 6th august 1919/1920. He was a Sergeant in the RAF during world war 2, a gunner in 138 squadron, he was awarded the distinguished flying medal in 1943. During a return flight from occupied Belguim on January 8th 1944 his plane crashed and all the crew was killed. He is buried in Aberdare cemetery. Can anyone help us find out more about his family and can someone tell us where the old cemetery is in Aberdare. We hope someone can help,
helen would be ideal first step it also now has map locations of grave sites and may give you extra data that will assist in your research.
Hope this helps.

Hi eleroo73,
The old cemetery is at the bottom of Cwmdare hill. if you go to the records department just behind the library (old Rock Baths Clinic) you will meet with some fabulous people who will find the number of the grave site and show you on your way.
A couple of years ago I went to find my grandmother's grave. I only knew with whom she was buried and the approximate year my aunt died. Lo and behold, the first book opened revealed the entry we were looking for. Then one of the cemetery workers met me at the site and showed me where the grave was.
Just seeing the cupboards full of the big ledgers was amazing.
I hope you find what you are looking for.

David Fisher Davies is also mentioned on the Boys' Grammar School WW2 War memorial. See:

and the links on that page to
an image of the plaque,
a transcript of the wording,
and CWGC informstion.