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There are so many young people out of work these days it would be great if the old apprenticeship scheme could be brought back up to the standard it use to be.
Not many Companies seem to do them these days ,is it maybe because it involves too much paperwork or is it too expensive or just too much hassle.

There must be loads of young people who would love to learn a skilled trade.

What do you think?

i think its a good idea as it will help more people get employment. i'm 25 and currently on maternity leave but i can not return to my old job as it involves travelling to cardiff, crickhowell and just outside newport aswell as other places. when i finished work 2 weeks before jacob wes born we got rid of pauls car as we couldnt afford to keep 2. he uses my car for work so i really need a job closes to home. because of jacob i need to work evenings and weekends as i can only have help with him after 4pm in the week and all over the weekends.

i have to go back to work 4th march and i'm struggling to find anything. i'd like to do shop work as most shops have evenings and weekend shifts and the pay is better than care. but if i can get evenings and weekends in care then i'll take that.

Best of luck with finding a job ,hope you get the kind of job you are looking for.
Have you ever thought of being a childminder ,you would be able to stay at home then with Jacob and he would get the company of another child all day.

not my sort of thing lol i'd rather look after old people lol