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Calling all EX-PATS or their Families wanting to keep in touch

Just thought I'd add this here it may be of some benefit to you.

The Cynon Valleys very own community radio station DAPPER FM will be back on air soon and we have had many Aberdare folk now living abroad that we know tune in. We know we've had people tune in from Canada, Holland, South Africa, Australia, USA and no doubt a few more places. So if you have any family or friends now living abroad tell them about DAPPER FM so they can tune in and keep up with valleys life and perhaps send a message or two home via the radio etc.

When we're back you can tune in at

Alternatively there are a few show snippets on our new myspace site at

Plus a complete CREEK SHOW Podcast available to listen or download at

and we also have a Group page at

just type in DAPPER FM in the search field on Facebook and join the group.

All the above websites will give you up to date info as to when we go back on air as and when we have the date.

can i ask why i cant get dapper on my computer im living in the usa but im from aberdare i would like to keep in touch with the valley my x wife was from penywaun and my son still lives there can you tell me how i can get it plz i got it on the puter but i cant hear it thanks by the way the ex was a walters

hiya hun i had a few problems too. when u go ont he site you will see a button on the right saying 'listen' just under that you see 3 little icons, media player, quick time and something else..... i tried all 3 but only quick time worked. so try clicking on the little icons and not the listen button, try all 3 icons one and a time and see if anything comes up