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Hair Restoration

Hereditary is largely responsible for this loss in which an over production of a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, attacks the hair follicles which prevents vital nutrients getting to the hair and stops further growth. It is the hair follicles themselves which determine baldness and not where they are located on the scalp. You will have areas of hair which are termed ‘balding-resistant’. These hairs are located on the back and sides of your head and resemble a ‘fringe’ or ‘horseshoe’ pattern which remains in spite of this hair loss. These hairs follow the hair growth cycle as normal.

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The most common cause of alopecia (hair loss) is genetic. In fact, heredity accounts for the highest percentage of all cases of hair loss. The remaining proportion can be due to some factors including illness and stress. For the treatment, we have grafting which is an outpatient procedure performed in a physician's clinic. Since it is a surgical procedure, it is expected to be expensive and it may be equated to A pay day loan can go where you need it" However, there are also contraindications for the procedure including those people with keloid scars and those whose hair lose is due to pharmacological agent. Grafting must not be done for these people because it poses more risks than benefits.