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Fibre broadband announced for Aberdare

Just a quick mention BT has added Aberdare to the FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) rollout this December 2011.

How this works BT/Openreach install a fibre cable from the exchange to your street cabinet, offering you up-to 40mbps Broadband speed.

This is great news if you live miles away from the exchange like I do.


At last, A very worthy post. Thank you D_Whitehead

You are welcome; looks like it will be ready from the 31st December. (Placing an order for fibre)

I will probably join, looking to be the most affordable out there - value package costing £16.49 + £11.99 line rental. (up to 40Mbps / 40GB monthly limit - with free usage between the hours of midnight and 8am)

or BT Infinity now looks good with proper true unlimited broadband! (no caps or fair usage policy)

+ Don't forget cashback with / Topcashback if you are a member ;-)


Hi Darren, all parts of the U.K. Should by one be covered by fibre-optic but as per the norm the poorest areas are being held back by the stone age thinking of the narrow minded people in power.
In the far east 100gb fibre-optic is the norm, allowing companies and business' to conduct their work in real time throughout the world.
Let's hope that this roles out quickly throughout this island of our.

I am not very happy mind, they are missing out so many street cabinets in Aberdare it's ridiculous! (including mine) You would have thought the customers experiencing the slowest broadband speeds would be top of the list to upgrade? but no! I spoke to BT and all they can say "just get as many people living in your postcode area to register their interest on the website" :-(