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The Prime Minister has urged the public to go ahead with royal wedding street party celebrations and ignore people who try and put them off with bureaucracy and health and safety warnings.

David Cameron said residents did not need special documents to hold a street party and he urged people to get involved later this month.

Speaking at a PM Direct event in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, he said: "I'm very much saying if people want to have a street party, don't listen to people who say it's all bureaucracy and health and safety, and you can't do it.

It's very important to understand if anyone wants to have a street party you don't need a food licence, you don't need an entertainment licence, you don't need to have written documents about closing your street.

"You don't have to pay for street closures, you don't have to have special health and safety permission - because there are councils out there that are telling you you do need these thing. You don't. So, if you do want to celebrate with Catherine and with William, you should go ahead and do so."

Writing in The Sun, Mr Cameron said: "To those councils that are asking small groups of neighbours for licences, insurance and other bureaucracy the message is clear: Don't interfere, don't get in the way and don't make problems where there are none. Let people get on and have fun.

"There have been stories about petty bureaucracy getting in the way of party planners.

"But people who want to come together to celebrate with their neighbours should go ahead."

The Department for Communities and Local Government is also expected to issue urgent new guidance for councils who have attempted to stop royal wedding festivities with unnecessary conditions.

In February, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond wrote to all local councils in England informing them that he was cutting Whitehall red tape by scrapping existing Government road-closure guidance.


Is David Cameron THE MAN or what? cutting through all that red tape that the idiots in the Labour Party put in our way. We don't want or care about Health & Safety, it costs money by interfering with profits. A chap wants to run up a ladder, throw tiles on the roof, come down and hand the bill to the house owner, and move on to the next job, not mess around with scaffolding and hard hats! David Cameron will put a stop to this nonsense.
The Royal wedding is a good thing for the country, but personally I don't like the idea of a street party, kids running about screaming and just making a mess, drunks urinating in the streets on council estates. Who will get the bill for the clean up? I can tell you who! "ME" next year on my council tax!!!


As yet I haven't heard of anyone having a street party for the Royal Wedding! This to me is a shame. Street parties have been going for many years. It's evident that young parents of today just don't have the same enthusiasm that we had in previous years. It's a way for people to get to know each other. It's a day out for the children and a souveneir to show in years to come.

My street is having a party, but the ladies who are going to make sandwiches and bake cakes have been told to take a basic hygiene course WTF ! ! !