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Francis/Humphreys Family

I have a copy of my GG Grandparents Marriage certificate,
His name is John Francis married Ann Humphreys, they were married in Aberdare at the Carmel Chapel baptist church July 19, 1857. Is there any Francis famileys still living in Aberdare? Is this church still standing? Is there any kind of church records left? I have hit a brick wall with Ann Humpreys name The liscence says her fathers name is Richard Humphreys
, but says he was deceased at this time of there marriage, it list him as a Iron Miner. This is the first time i found this site so Im hoping to find some Francis &Humphreys Roots.

Carmel was located in Monk Street, but was destroyed by fire in the 70's, a community church hall now stands in its place opposite Calfaria Church. Carmel Chapel itself re-located to Harriet Street, I believe its known as Carmel Brynsion these days.

btw there are definately Francis families in Aberdare, my parents did attend Carmel for many years and when i went to sundays school there i remember a francis family that actually went to the same place no idea of their full name though sorry

There's a Francis family in Oak Street Aberdare.