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Aberdare Parish Church 1862??

I have just received a marriage certificate for a family member stating it took place in the 'Parish Church' Parish of Aberdare in September 1862. David Jones Richard(s) was the curate who officiated. Would that church be St. John's? What street is it on? I am in Canada so I'm not familiar with Aberdare. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks.

This is St Johns Church on the link

There are a number of photographs on our website AberdareOnline

Thanks for the website. So do you think that St. John's is the parish church? There is no name on the certificate simply 'parish church'. Is there any way to access their records of baptisms, marriages, etc. other than in person?I need 1828 and back.

I think it would be st johns church because we only have 3 big churches in aberdare, one of them is catholic and the other 2 are st john's and st Elvans.... which are run by the same vicar. St john's is the older of the 2 churches why dont you try emailing or writing to the vicar Father Robert Davies he might know a bit more about them x

Thank you Lewis for all the links - they are most helpful and interesting. Now I just have to figure out which of the dozens of choices of Rees' Jones' Davies', etc. are my family!
Not an easy task when the same names are repeated so often.
Bunny thanks for the info. on the church and the minister.