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Clamp down on drugs on estate

Just read this in the Cynon Valley Leader, good on the residents of Fernhill and their councillor I say for taking on those who sell and peddle drugs in our communities!

Crackdown starts to remove drugs menace from estate

RID our community of the scourge of drugs, is the plea from residents of a Cynon Valley housing estate.
And in response to their concerns, a major crackdown on the drugs menace on the Fernhill Estate has been launched.
A top-level meeting of all interested parties, spearheaded by ward councillor Andrew Morgan and chairman of the Fernhill Residents Association Kel Palmer, has kick-started the new campaign.
At the meeting, community groups Community First, Rhondda Cynon Taf Council officers, RCT Homes, the police and drug squad officers met to share information.
Kel Palmer said: "Fernhill has improved beyond all recognition in recent years but we still have grave concerns about the drug problem on the estate.
"Fernhill is no worse and indeed a lot better than most areas in Wales but even a little can be too much and the community believes it is vital to identify the source and unite with those agencies which have the power to prevent or contain the selling of drugs."
Coun Andrew Morgan said: "The message I'm getting time and time again is that is that drug dealing is not welcome in our community and residents want to put a stop to it.
"While drug users I believe need support and help, it's difficult for those agencies to make inroads helping families when drugs are freely available."
The residents of Fernhill, he said, were not prepared to tolerate this. They felt able to give information to the police and it was to their credit that they were speaking out.
"With government cuts looming in police numbers over the coming years and the recent news of the Aberdare Court closure, it's now more imperative than ever that these agencies work together," said Coun Morgan.
Inspector Steve Meek said: "We have acted and will continue to act on the information we receive from the public.
"For the last 18 months, our local neighbourhood officers have been working closely with key community groups to tackle drugs on the estate, and this is having a positive impact.
"A number of people have been arrested and sent to prison, taking them out of the community altogether. But drug dealers are always looking for an opportunity. We can put some out of business, but there are others ready to step into their place, so it is vital that the community continues to work together to ensure Fernhill doesn't become an easy target.
"Anyone who has information about drug dealing in the area should contact Mountain Ash Neighbourhood Policing Team via 101, or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
"We will act on the information we get."

Jail some of the idiots for 20 years and stop the benefits of the others. Fernhill used to be quite normal but the council policy was to give every retard a house so you end up with estates with big social issues. I feel sorry for the normal residents of the estate, the hard working and retired who have to live there.

Stop putting these idiots in good homes, find a industrial estate with an empty unit and let them all stop here monitred by the police and social workers and cut down any extra benefits.

Persitant offenders should be banged up to go cold turkey and not worry about human rights until they have at least become human again.

Penrhys over the Rhondda would be a good place for them all..... there are plenty of empty houses over there.... stick them all up there and fence it off :)

No No No lundy island is the place to send them and pack ann clwyd along with them and the council of RCT and RCT housing association senior management.

All people who live on Council Estates live that way. Drugs, Crime and Benefits they do not know any other way. They are all taught from babies not to work, steal, hate the police. The police should be allowed to use violence towards this scum. Don't be fooled by old men and women walking about on these estates, they have spent their lives lying to the authorities one way or another. You go into the places where the real money people live, I am talking of places like Regency Cheltenham, and Knightsbridge. Look at the homes, the cars. the streets.
then you will understand what I am talking about. Do you think people living there would want to live on a coucil estate?

Don't talk such utter nonsense Coco.

yeah he talks bollax, most people who live on council estates are decent and hard working, some idiots mainly dumped there because its easy to do that but the benefits system is too easy and houses are given away willy nilly for human rights. Would not happen in france or italy sorry

Many council estates are well maintained, and this remark from cocoman is offensive. Give dealers life for murder, because they don't use, they latch to the vulnerable and the young to make their millions, many abusers come from good homes, not only council estates. (please remember the royal family once had problems).
Sort the dealers then we will have no users. Its not only RTC plagued with drug and alcohol abuse but all of the UK. If the Mr big had proper sentences then the youngsters that are affected would not be. The police must feel very let down when they risk their lives to bust a dealer and the courts give them a smack on the wrist.

My brother in law and his wife live in fernhill and my friend lives in Penywaun and all three of them are hard working decent people...... there are plenty of smack heads in normal terrace houses..... I know I live by one yet nothing is being done about them......... dont tar everyone from council estates with the same brush!!!!!!

Fernhill, Cwmbach, Penywaun, Rhigos, They are all the same and thousands more throughout the UK. Every council estate has a post office and every one of those post offices cash Giros for the sick, lazy and the old who live on the estates. All that cash comes from the Department of Works and Pensions who take it from the Inland Revenue who take it from ME. I know for a fact, that David Cameron would rather see world was three than see the welfare state continue. We have crippled the unions now we must kill off the welfare state. Remember this when you put me dowm, the majority of the people of this country voted for David Cameron in the last General Election. David has never hid his plans for Welare reform. That can only mean one thing, that the majority of people in this country want the same as me.

Firstly they are not council housing estates but known now as Social Housing, and social housing can be terraced houses anywhere as Cynon Taff Housing Association have houses all over the place.

Many houses on Fernhill from what I know are sold and therefore private anyway. I dont have family there but do know a few from Fernhill and Glenboi and its a nice area in fairness and as the artical says its good on the residents for standing up to the durg dealers.

Yes I think it does have a post office but I am also sure there are many pensioners on that estate and therefore these people who are being called over claiming their benifets are also old age.

I posted this issue as its good on them and their councillor (Many Councillors are useless so at least he's speaking up and not afriad to bloody well tell them) for standing up to the drug dealers, I didnt post this for people to use this post as a rant to insult good hard working people!

I live the other side of Mountain Ash from Fernhill but classing all people the same has been proven to be worng time and time again over the years

Don"t give me all that PC crap I am not concerned what they are called now, that is all bollux! These people on council estates are scum. Claiming off the benefit system when ever they can. There must be 4 or 5 single mothers on every street claiming for 3 or 4 kids!
Why have the dirty streets on the council estates have to be named after some left wing idiot from times long past?
I think we should build a high wall around these estates and keep them in, and stop them infecting the rest of the world.

They certainly seem to have an answer to dealing with drug pushers in Thailand and Malaysia-they are generally not around to commit the offence again

And which council ran the estates before they went to housing associations mmmmmmm let me think mmmmm and which political party run the country for the last 13 years mmmmmmmmmmm and which idiot do we have as an MP plus all the pocket filling , buffett scoffing councillors we elect.

MMMMM LABOUR of course oooohh look and do they give a toss mmmmmmm corse not.

Once again Cocoman is proving to be more of a nut than usual, I lived in Tre-waun all were council houses once all with working fathers at the tower no scamming off welfare for us I had clothes in fashion a year after clothes in fashion did I care no we were happy. MY sister still lives there and my niece lives in Rhigos and they certainly don't scam so Cocoman I am beginning to think you have never worked a day in your life and just have all this free money so you can sit at home and play on your tax payers computer and try and tick people off

You do not know what you are talking about welsh girl. Trewaun is a part of Trenant and Trenant is part of Rhydawaun and Rhydawaun is PENYWAUN! All built after the second world war by that stupid labour government of the time. That government also nationalised the coal industry. You say your father was a miner? Then it was tax payers money that paid for your family to live in Trewaun. That is why Mrs Thatcher and the country wanted the pits shut, we were not prepared to subsidise the miners any longer. As for drugs, we all know they they are on these filthy council estates! There was a story in the media last week, on some estate they were growing the stuff, they had all the lights, pots, compost, all that was paid for by the tax payer again, because the blokes doing it were on benefits. Just for the record 98% of the prisoners in Cardiff prison today live on council estates. The other 2% are illegal immigrants.

well cocoman fair play to u,u got a hell of alot to say about somthing u clearly aint got a clue about!! "scum" thas wa u call us,well from where i'm sitting the scum is u.higly opinionated aint u,instead of judges others take a long hard look at urself...gutless,useless,lonely,hurt,thas what im guessing,
im a single mother of 5,on a council estate,penywaun to b exact i aint ashamed of where i'm from,and i am an always have worked,but i guess im still scum,i'd rather live where im living rather than from where u r from with the attitude ur parents have dragged u up wiv,now that aint good parenting is it!!!
umm all ur family working i take it,,
also the minors risked their lives to keep u an ur family warm with coal,u ungreatfull spineless git!!!!!

i've noticed u have;nt named where ur from,
ur probably ashamed of where u r from,an it makes u feel better by slagging off our places.!!!!!
ohh i'd love to see how ur children grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well said Kaz!!

This idiot lost the point I was making about Social Housing.... I meant drug dealers can live anywhere from former council houses to pent houses.

Just because people live on these "Council estates" as you call them it doesnt make them any less a person. In fact on some estates I would argue there is greater community spirit.

You have a very twisted view on the world and would suggest that some people will find your comments very hurtful.

While I'm all for free speech its comments like that, that a few years ago meant many left this site and the administrator was told about the content

we do have a greater community spirit,i've live here all my life an we can always rely on each other when some thing bad has happened (a death ect).we all help each other,tbh,i think thats what makes him make the discusting comments,he's jealous of us.
an has for his comment about being taught from babies,it makes me sick that he blames the parents 4 their children ending up on drugs,i'm 1 of 8 an 1 out of the 8 of us ended up being on drugs,thank fully he's been clean for 7 yrs tho,we all had a great up bringing which clearly shows it aint the parents fault!!!

The first post I said that the residents and their councillor were speaking out and taking on the drug dealers.

If they are all the same why the hell are the residents on the esteate taking them on, I'm sure both those on the estate and their councillor could have an easiler life if they done nothing.

Good on them i say, that fact they are standing up and speaking up shows they are decent people!

i know aye..we pulled together an we managed to get alot of drug dealers from my area,we will never manage to get them all out...
look at the ridings in that is a lovely place an i would love to live there,but i know for a fact that there is a drug dealer living there...
its ppl like cocoman that hear the word drugs an automatically think its a council estate..
do get me wrong he got the right to free speech just like i have buh he really should do his research 1st

I'm afraid that we are all guilty of giving this cocoman character more credibility than he deserves, and we've swallowed his bait hook, line and sinker. He's obviously a windup merchant, having proven that when he started banging on about how his father or grandfather kicked him in the mouth for daring to pick up a coin off the floor. That is total b*****t, and it was from that point on that I ceased to believe a word he says or that he had anything valid to contribute.

I'm all for him coming on here and spouting his views, no matter how extreme, because he's so much more lively than the boring drivel mongers we had on here some time ago, but when he makes it so obvious that he's just spouting for effect, then he's no longer worth answering. Let's just not give him any more satisfaction by rising to the bait. Forget him.

well cocoman i think ur full of crap ive lived in penywaun most of my life and i woult NOT want to live any where else the community spirit we have here is brilliant when theres something wrong we all pull together i dunt know where u get ur ideas from but they are wrong where ever u live there will always be the odd bad person about u cud live in a palace and still find one maybe u shud visit penywaun and all the other estates u have mentioned and spout ur shit out in the streets id love to see where that would get you !!!!!

oh and its people like you that give our estates the bad name in the first place !!!!!


this cocoman is a dick head he,s talking all balls its funny he wont come out of the woodwork to back up his views he hides behind anonimity gutless prig/

crazyman i totally agree and he has yet to reply to any of the posts that have been left in the last few hours cant wait to see what this pathetic person has to say not all people are low lifes and scum who knows for all we know he cud be a drug dealer a thief anything but i hate it when people slag off estates and parents and single parents when they clearly DO NOT know anybodys circumstances

Seems all too quick to have a go at other this guY! Either he is some total nutter with too much time on his hands or he really lives in another world to the rest of us.

I would point out I have worked since I left school at 18 years of age, I have stuided various courses and now earn around £40,000 a year and pay all my Taxes, to be honest i wouldnt be bothered to live on a former council estate, like I say there eseems to be good community spirt. If its drug dealers and people on benifet that bother him then I would say you get these anywhere in the UK

exactly but he just seems to like to pin point out certain areas like and i like the way he capatalized the word penywaun yea so what there are sum druggies thieves etc but you get them every where and has e ever thought that the majority of people dunt work not becuase they dunt want to but because the simple fact is THERE ARE NO JOBS or maybe some of them dunt pay enuf for them to provide for thier family

Just edited my comment as meant £40,000 not £4,000 before Cocoman thinks I'm some benifet claiment extrodinair!!

ha ha yea cus he seems to like to pick at anything and everything fair play like

1 nil to the forum, own goal by megamouth cocoman. And he slopes off to the changing room head in hands.

I have already said that I have a small building business. It is not advisable for me to name the village where I live. The Cynon Valley is a Labour stronghold, that is a sad fact. I remember. 1984 when the "lazy, hold the country to ransom," miners were on strike, just before they had their arses kicked, they used violence at every illegal picket line they set up. This is proof that people living on council estates cannot express themselves properly, so they use violence. When the benefits have stopped these estates are going to shrivel and die. Stick together? What a laugh! In the early 80s Mrs Thatcher paid the Nottingham miners good money and give the Welsh nothing! Would the Notts miners support the Welsh miners in the dispute? No chance! I'm all right Jack! As I have said before, " Scratch off the red and we are all blue underneath.

haha fp u really make me laugh,can't express ourselves,i could quite clearly express myself to u,buh really there ain't no word to describe ppl like u,unless u live here don't dis us,u will find we r a hell of alot better than pig headed ppl like u,small business!!!well i could lie aswell an say i own i big hotel abroad,an u wont have proff that i'm lying,so y should we believe that u own a small business,that u probably did'nt work hard for,probably had it handed to u,there for we r better than u coz we work hard for what we got,god i'd love an hour in a room with u!!!!! i'd bring u dwn a few pegs,an i don't mean by violence.

well cocoman i think ur very insulting to be quit honest who the hell are u to slag off council estates so what ur saying is every member in ur family was born with a silver spoon in thier mouths wer they ???? I THINK NOT ur no better than the rest of us how dare u slag off council estates single mothers etc how about u stop hiding behind your computer and actually come to penywaun and u will see that there are many decent families and hard working families here

Ref:-"Scratch off the red and we are all blue underneath"...If we scratched off your scalp Coco, it is highly debatable whether we would find a functioning human brain underneath.

I'm sorry kas what language are you speaking in? Arapoho? Swahili? Council estate?

it's kaz not kas !!!!that was a rather short comment cocoman,whats up lost the battle have u,the language is council estate language.which clearly ur to arrogant to understand,
haha no i dont think we would find a funtioning brain in his head.
just admit it cocoman...the truth is u wish u were 1 of us,buh u knw wa u aint good enuff to b a kind supportive person,
so do urself a favour do sumthing more construtive wiv ur life,stop being so god damd bloody padantic.
and find sumin else to occupy ur life rather than abuse those who are trying to make the most of their life,

i happen to live in a wonderful place where i can pop to the shops and leave my door open, where my neighbours know me by my first name and say good morning, how are you?

i have a lovely three bedroomed home (that i own) and live with my husband of many years, i have three great children, who all work i might add as do my husband and myself, good jobs mind you!! When my children were young, i was lucky as i was able to work knowing my children were looked after at a local afterschool club just up the road from my home. My children were collected from school by the qualified workers, all who lived near me and trusted. I am not forced to live where i live, i choose to, because of the wonderful people and the community spirit that i'm surrounded with. I can even upgrade my existing skills, should i choose, as i have an education centre close by with workers i can go to if i need support. I'll give you one guess where i live Cocoman? PENYWAUN.

I remember Penywaun in the 60s it was bad then and it's bad now. If you are leaving your door open then you are taking a big risk, I don't think your Insurance Co. would be happy about that. Last year many cars had their tyres slashed in Penywaun for no reason at all. I knew a chap living there, his garden shed and his car were broken into so often, he give up and moved out. Then I remember reading in the papers, some years ago, ( Please correct me if I am wrong )about an elderly lady who was beaten and tortured to death by two young girls living near by?
Are we talking about the same Penywaun?

here u go once again cocoman,yet again i will repeat u r the only 1 who as not mentioned where u r from!!there for u must b from a dive,yes a lovely old woman got murdered but ppl get murdered all over the place so basically what ur saying is every1 in the world is scum!!!yes tyres got the persons responsible for that is now living in trecynon an was originally from trecynon...but i dont hear u slagging them off!!!!you think ur sooo frigging perfect dont u,yet u get ur kicks out of running every one else dwn,thas a sign of a sad life,sad lonely pathetic indivual..yes cocoman,u lead a sad life,instead of poking ur nose into every1 elses business concerntrate on building a happy life for ur self...pathetic fool.!!!!!!!! well said katie.i love penywaun an would never move from here

That would be about right!

Yes Cocoman, we are talking about the same Penywaun! And yes, unfortunately there was a murder here back in 1992. The residents were shocked and appalled at the incident and came together to support each other, forming groups and organisations to tackle the problems head-on. Sadly, these incidents are still happening in other areas such as Trecynon, Mountain Ash etc. What you cannot do is tar every person with the same brush. I for one am deeply offended by your comments and i am considering seeking professional advice as to whether i can request your personal information from this site moderators and take the matter further. I am aware that you cannot be sued for slander as you have said nothing against me personally but your biggoted attitude to our estate and its residents is quite frightening!

I would suggest that Council Estates are no worse than many areas for drugs and other crimes. As someone on here says there is drug dealing in Landare

I live in Mountain Ash East and there was a murder here last year, funny enough the boys who done this live in private housing with their parents, who by the way are working parents. Again I cant and no one should blame the parents for their kids actions, likewaise an estate should not be classed on the basis on one or two drug dealers or benifet cheats as thats just stupid!

Herr Pocomon lives in cloud cuckoo land, where ther is no crime, dog shit or drugs, run by the BNP.

We would all like to do away with crime and drugs.

i think cocoman shud drop this argument you aint guna win penywaun people are better than you they dunt go around slagging off innocent people that they know nothing about and yes there was a murder and once again penywaun came together yes tyres wer slashed and once again penywaun came together and went throught the rite channels may i add to do sumthing about it so dont u DARE say penywaun people are no good who the hell are u to dictate about people u CLEARLY DO NOT KNOW and as sed before we have the cana centre where the children can go and working parents can leave their chldren and where people who want to better themselves by doing courses so need i say anymore penywaun is a good place and u my man are just an arogant jumped up nobody who knows nothing about COMMUNITY SPIRIT END OF !!!!!!!!!!

tut tut tut,always got alot to say have'nt you,i've read you're comments on our discussions cocoman,not only are you slagging off council estates of which most of us own our own home,but you're also slagging off working mums,what is perfection in you're eyes then?..oh let me guess some one like you!!!! single lonely,sad,pathetic,hypocritical,small imaginative businessman,who gets his kicks out of putting everyone else down,well in my opinion an in alot of peoples opinion,i'd rather live where i'm living with the neighbours i have,with the community spirit we have,than be a jumped up little tosser like you,this is probably the most attention you have ever had..i tell you what you should have been in the houses they knocked down in erw-las,an been in there at the time they were knocked down,pppfffttt as i said before though we have named where we live we ain't ashamed,it's you that is ashamed as to where you're from,you won't say where you are from,you're probably afraid incase we criticise you,well we ain't as low as you,an don't give the bull s**t an say it;s in you're best interest not to say where you're do us all a favour an stick a frigging snooker ball in you're mouth an give every one a break!!!!

Wind up or not, this thread is the best thats been on this site....ever

Was starting to think I shouldnt have posted this thread but hay its got people talking and shows what I said at the start to be true that there are great communities on these estates and its good that people are speaking up about issues.

As for some of Coco's posts well I think they should just be ignored as if he cant wind people up he'll move on I'm sure!!

I don't think it would be fair to lumber Penrhys residents with the druggies as they had their own problem with drugs a few years ago but it has been cleaned up a lot since then.

Why not re - house them in Cheltenham, Knightsbridge or where the money people live as one idiot on here said ( Guess Who ) it must be the people with money that are funding the drug deals in the first place as the ordinary bloke don't have the money to do drug deals on the scale that would be needed to buy all the drugs that's spread around.

There's a good chance also that the police know who the Mr. Big's are but don't take action against them as they are well protected by their MONEY. It's the big Money people and their greed that caused all the world financial problems a year or so ago so let's lay the blame where it belongs and not blame the less fortunate as some idiot on here (Guess Who ) always does. Mind you at the same time I don't hold much sympathy with the drug takers either as they create their own problems by taking the crap in the first place when they know what it's likely to do to them in the end, and if they are caught they should be made to go cold turkey at once and put on an education program and be forced to name their supplier before that program starts. But again stop the big boys with the MONEY and you'll cure a lot of the worlds ills.

I'm afraid that cocoman will find that even amongst the moneyed class that he so energetically supports at the expense of those unfortunate enough to have lost out somewhat in life's lottery, drugs are as much a problem as for the council estates.

There's a saying that cocaine is nature's way of telling you that you're making too much money. Look at the lives of the rich and famous here and in America, whose children have gone off the rails and ended up dead or with wrecked lives because of drugs and alcohol abuse. Poor little rich kids eh, cocoman?

That's one thing about the drug culture; it cuts across all lines of social class and wealth, and the Man is not particular who he sells his vile merchandise to, or who ends up dead in a doorway or a penthouse suite.