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Welsh Schools Footballers From Aberdare

Can anyone help me with a book that I am writing for the Centenary of the Welsh Schools Football Association in 2011?

I am searching for christian names of various youngsters who played for the Wales Schools Football team when they were between 13 - 15 years of age. I am also looking for team and individual pictures.

At the moment, I a searching for eight players from Aberdare:

R.J.Hill 1911
J.Richards 1927
A.Williams 1928
W.Peters 1929
?.Darb(e)y 1929
C.F./ C.E.Francis 1930
R.C.Jenkins 1935
G.Thomas 1949

Plus two from Mountain Ash:

B.L.Williams 1930
D.Williams 1931

The year given is the year they won their cap. All help is much appreciated.

Ceri Stennett