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Can anyone help Gordon?

I was born in Trefelin, Trecynon, Aberdare in 1943 and lived there until I was three and half years old. My father worked in the mines and I have just one photograph of him taken in 1930 when he was 21. He died when he was 52 and I was 19. My mother is also dead as are almost all the family who would have known something about my father.
If possible could you tell me which mine he may have worked in and guide me as to where I can find out any more information about him and his working life in the mine.
He sang in 2 male voice choirs in the local eisteddfords and my great grandfather won a bardic chair for his poetry in a local eisteddford.
I look forward to your reply with interest
My Great Grandfather won a Bardic Chair, details on the brass plaque on the chair are as follows:

‘Eisteddfod      Soar
Aberdar            Nodolig            1090’

He won this for his poetry at the Aberdare Eisteddfod in 1909. His Welsh poet name was 'Darren Fab'.  

Does Douglas have a last name, or a name for his mother and father. Birthdates, marriage dates or something. May help a little.

Sorry I mean "Gordon" not Douglas - where on earth did I come up with that name???

Do you know the address in Trefelin Gordon .
There are quite a few men who worked in Gadlys colliery from Trefelin.
There were also quite a few collieries he could have worked in.
I’ve looked through the ledgers of Gadlys colliery, 1935 - 1938 and came up with these names from Trefelin. Hope one of these is a relation, or your father.
I only have the records for Gadlys colliery for those dates, I don't have records from other collieries, only wish I did. if there is any connection, and you want their age occupation what dates they were employed at the colliery you can find them on the History and heritage page on this site.
If you can’t get it because of windows words, I’ll get them for you.
Good Luck.

James Mayrich. 4. Trefelin.
W. J. Parry. 9. Trefelin.
D. H. Richards. 71. Trefelin.
Albert Sweet. 19, Trefelin.
J. J. Stephens. 26. Trefelin.
Glyn Williams. 31. Trefelin.
D. J. Braithwaite. 7. Trefelin.
Edward Davies. 19. Trefelin.
J. H. Davies. 87. Trefelin.
Thomas Holton. 23. Trefelin.
Thomas Jenkins. 3. Trefelin.
Bryn Jones. 5. Trefelin.
Phillip Lloyd. 106. Trefelin.
Leslie Lloyd. 106. Trefelin..
Morgan Thomas. 99 Trefelin.
Edward Davies. 19 Trefelin.
D. Holt. 12. Trefelin.
D. H. Richards. 71. Trefelin.
Glyn Williams. 31. Trefelin.
I. R. Griffiths. 92. Trefelin.
D Williams. 103. Trefelin.

Sorry nonrev I should have given the name it is

DAVID JOHN JENKINS - BORN 1909 – Gordon thinks he was born in Trecynon

I’ve gone through the ledgers Lewis, There are a few D J Jenkins but not from Trecynon.
There are quite a few Jenkins in Trecynon, that are in the registers, the only one that looks right. (Sometimes they didn’t give their second name).
David Jenkins. aged 35. 18 B. Margaret St. Trecynon Employment started om 4th January 1935. looking at it, it can't be if his father was 21 in 1930, when the photo was taken he would have been born in 1909, and would have been 26.

Gordon’s father worked in the pits it’s a pound to a penny he worked in one of the local collieries, either Bwllfa No1, Powell’s Pit, Nantmelyn, or one of the drifts in Cwmdare, normally they worked in walking distance to a colliery in those days to save money. The nearest one down the valley was Gadlys Pit. Most of the collieries around here were owned by the Powell Duffryn by the 1930s.
If there was an address it’s possible a relation of Gordon’s could be in those ledgers.
Sorry I can’t help him on the Welsh part, If he wants information from the ledgers he is welcome.

I e mailed you in 2008 in the hope that I might find the mine that my father worked in.

Please note my new e mail address is:

I have not heard anything from any of your members, which is no doubt due to no one having any information on the subject.
Since e mailing you I have tried other ways of trying to find where my father worked but to no avail.

Do you have any suggestions as to where I might try next please?

Your help would be very much appreciated.
Gordon Jenkins