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I am researching my family tree, does anyone know of any Bells in this area.

Thank you

I only know one Bell sorry. We have a Mr J Bell, roughly in his late 50's early 60's, living in our street in Mountain Ash.

if you go on and type in bell and aberdare a beryl bell comes up with her address and phone number, there are also plenty of bells on the electoral roll but you have to pay to get their address. i then typed in mountain ash but there was no address or phone numbers for that end of the valley but there is an electoral roll for a blodwen bell but it says other occupants are lloyds so i'm wondering id the blodwen bell has either passed away or moved on and the lloyds have moved in.

take a look chick

on aberdare covers rhigos/penderyn right down to abercwmboi and mountain ash covers the rest of the valley so its easier to search for someone.

Have limited information in respect Richard BELL and his family who moved from Lincolnshire to Ystradfellttte & Penderyn circa 1840, The Family were Gamekeepers & Warrener's Richard's Son Matthew married an ancestor of mine Maria CLATWORTHY

Hiya my nan was a bell, but she changed her name when she got married, she was born in abercynon in 1928

theres a few bells at the top of St Elvans they wake me up in the mornings occasionally.

sorry couldn't resist....back to topic, won't be of any help as I've lost touch with them years ago, but i was in primary school with a Mark Bell, would have been born 1969/70 and was from the foundrytown area.

I have just found this site. I think that I am a member of the Bell family of Ystradfellte. Richard Bell came from Lincolnshire to work on the Pantmawr Estate in 1830. He had around ten children who then dispersed into the Valleys. They are fairly easy to trace for the next couple of generations as each branch of the family kept using the same forenames, Richard, William, Charles, John and Mathew.
Richard Bell was my great, great,great, grandfather.

I haven't been back much further than Richard who was born in Lincolshire in 1794
Please email me to compare notes