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Does anyone know how I can find out which regiment (and ultimately the battles and campaigns) my father might have signed up with during WWII. As he did not like to talk about the war, he told us nothing about the part he played except that a German farmer's wife hid him in a barn and made him boiled egg (his first for two years). So, I know he was in Germany at one point.
I know he signed up in Aberdare in 1939 and did not come home until 1946. I would imagine that as a stone mason / builder/ carpenter he would have come in handy to build bridges etc.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I should think that if he signed up in Aberdare he would most likely have joined The Welch Regiment. I've got a photo of the regiment taken in the early 1940s, if you could see it you'd probably be able to tell if your father was in it, but it's so long that I've got no idea how to scan it so that it could be posted online.

I would love to see the photo. Are you able to scan it and send it in an attachment to an e-mail if I give you my address?

I will be visiting Aberdare in August - is there anyway I can meet with you to look at the photo you have?

Sorry,I haven't been on here for sometime due to computer problems,so I've only just seen your last post.I couldn't have met up with you anyway as I'm not in Aberdare any more, but I'll try to get the photo scanned as soon as I can and then maybe it could be posted on here.