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old friend

Looking for Ann George.Lost touch in 1964,she was from Cwmaman,also had a sister in LLwydcoed,called Jean.We all used to meet in Aberaman Y.M.C.A.Also spent ages sitting on gas works tip.I was very sweet o0n her when i was a teenager.Would love to talk to her again

May be a "where are they now' would prove usful for both people still in the Aberdare area, and those of us in other parts of the world. I have been trying to make contact with Jeff Davis a one time Reporter for the Aberdare Leader over 25 years ago.
I also lived in Cwmaman, but cannot recall the person you are looking for, best of luck,yes were are they now.

Thanks Richard.Ann was a friend of Elaine Trelore who went on to marry Tyrone O,Sullivan.All from theCwmaman area.

Shouldn't be hard to find her if she married Tyrone O'Sullivan he is or was part of the Tower colliery takeover so look for his name then you may find her

You have mis-understood welsh girl.Elaine married Tyrone whom i new very well.The person i am looking for is Ann George.Thanks for your reply.

Could Tyrone help you find her so I got it wrong the first time, I was good friends with Tyrone's sister Corinne we went to Aberdare College together

Lost touch with Tyrone a long time ago,was overseas for 10 years.I know he is living in the Mumbles area of Swansea.Thanks for your comments.Iwas living in the Oaklands lodge for many years,cardiff rd. Aberaman.I married Margaret Edwards.She sadly passed away in 1980.

Sorry about your loss Michael, I lost my husband in 2002 after 30 years of marriage, We used to live on Cardiff Road right opposite the Blaengwawr primary school. The Plough Inn was our local and sometime the Temple Bar.

Now both places well.An old friend of mine was a regular at the temple bar.His name was Jack Hopkins.He was the guy who i learned my trade from in the n.c.b.Sorry to hear about your loss,life can be cruel.All the best wishes.Mike.

yes i knew Jack and thank you for your condolences he passed away young but I had thirty years of marriage to him and memories are wonderful. Happy New Year to you Mike and hopefully you will find who you are looking for

Mother in- laws name Hilda?

That is correct her daughter was Margaret Edwards.

of an occasion i used to take my m-in-law Bronwen Thomasup to hilda's
when she lived a few doors down from the Marquis pub overlooking the first roundabout before you came into ABERDARE from Aberaman.
My wife also tells me that we had a stray white cat which we gave to your mam and dad
when they were living in the lodge

nice to hear from you dmj.I would just like to clear up one point.My mother and father never lived at the lodge,the people that your wife is thinking of were my aunt and uncle.Tilly and Alec Honour.They were brother and sister,lived at the lodge all their lives,and died within 3 days of each other.I was brought up by my Grandad and granma.Many people thought tilly and ale were man and wife but it was not so.All the best Mike

Had a little bit more on Ann,i believe she lived in Milton st.Cwmaman.I would be grateful if anyone could expand on this.