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10 songs of the alphabet

10 songs. Of the alphabet
There seems to be an interest in music, so let’s try this.
10 A.s 10 B.s 10 C.s right through the alphabet, after the first 10 songs, and singer/s/ band, move on to the next letter. If we become stuck on a particular letter say x, ( I can only think of one )move on to y - z being the last letter, If you can’t remember who sang/ played the song put ? ? Perhaps someone can fill it in. Number them so as we know where we are. I’ll start with
A. Alphabet song. Mamas & Papas. Only joking honest. (Nursery rhyme)

1. Apache. The Shadows. 2.

2. Any thing goes ?
i hope that is what you mean.

All kinds of everything. Dana .
Angels. Robby williams.

Well thats 2- 3 and 4. trish,another 6 before the 1. C, if you put numbers in front of the answer it will save me counting, thats why I said 10, I'm not taking my shoes off, after I've used all my fingers, the wife will banish me from the house, LOL.

Ok here we go.

5.April Showers by Al Johnson

Hope I've got it right.

Thats it B G good to see your name, I told you I couldn't count B (1) will be the next set of answers. not C (1) sorry about that. if i'm not on here, once A 10 as been reached go on to 1. B
AL Jolson one of my favourites B G.

6. Always on my mind. Elvis Presley.
7. Another one bites the dust. Queen.

8. Amanda. Waylon Jennings

9. All shuck up. Elvis.Presley.

10. Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

Thats the A gone for a Burton, B next. so don't call me that, my father was a policeman and I can't prove it. LOL.

1.Behind closed doors. Charlie Ritch.

2.Beauty,s only skin deep. Temptations.

Bye Bye Blackbird

Bonnie and Clyde

Big Spender

6 Bad - U2
7 Beautiful Day - U2

8. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

9, Bridge over troubled waters. Simon & garfunkel

10. Begin the Beguine

1.Cumberland Gap. Lonnie Donigan.

2. caroline..status quo

3. Chiquita.. Abba (may be wrong spelling)

4. Cry me a river . Julie London.

5. Copa Cabana - Barry Manilow

6. Chantilly Lace - Big bopper

7. Candle In the Wind - Elton John

8. Crocodile Rock - Elton John

9. Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka

10.Cathy's Clown by Everly Brothers

Duram Duram Duram de dum de dum. pink panther.
!. Duram Town, Rodger whitaker

2.Dream Dream Dream . Eveley Brothers.

3. Don't throw your love away - Searchers

4. Danny Boy - Various

5. Doo Wah Diddy -Manfred Mann

6. Downtown by Petula Clark.

7. Delilah. Tom Jones.

8. Deja Vu by Dionne Warwick

9 Don't Sleep in the Subway - Petula Clarke

10. Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals

Here we go on E.

1. Emotional Rescue by Rolling Stones.

2. electric ?

Ebony and Ivory : Stevie Wonder and Paul Mcartney

3.Every second Every Minute. Ken Dodd.
4 Elinor Rigby. Beatles.
5. Evergreen. Barbara Streisand.

Errmmm I thing we are on number 7 now.

7. Everybody's Somebody's Fool by Connie Francis

8. Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

Told you I couln't count LOL. That one as gone William, never mind I'll put this one instead for you,
8. Easter Parade, ? a few have sang it, I think Fred Astair was one.

9 Every breath you take - The Police

10 Everytime you go away - Paul Young

1. For the good times. Perry Como.

2. Fighter. Christina Aguilera.

3. Fernando by Abba

4. FOR YOUR LOVE - The Yardbirds

5. FANLIGHT FANNY - George Formby

Thats a cracker William.

6. Forever in blue Jeans. Neil Diamond.

For Once In My Life.Tom Jones.

Father and Son. Aled Jones.

9.Folsom Prison Blue by Johnny Cash