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Young Wales Update

Welcome to the February update for Young Wales, the new project that will ensure that children and young people are heard on issues that are important to them and affect them, and that their voices impact the Welsh Government.  Click here for more information about the Young Wales project.

The Young Wales website is currently being developed.  Until the site is launched you can find updates on the Children in Wales website, and on our Clic Online account.

Young Wales Participation Meeting

Young Wales brought together participation officers and youth forum workers for a meeting.  We will be working together closely over the next three years and this was an opportunity for them to find out more about the project and inform how it is developed.

Children in Wales introduced four Regional Leads, each of whom will link with the forums in their region of Wales.  The role will include improving links to make sure that young people in forums know about the projects and that Young Wales knows what work is being done.

Identifying national priorities

The Regional Leads are currently organising visits to every forum in the next few weeks, to find out what forums are doing at the minute and about other key issues.  Knowing about the local issues will help us identify national priorities for the next year.

The visits have already begun and forums have identified issues including rural transport, anti-bullying and mental health.  If you’re involved in a youth forum and we haven’t visited yet we’re looking forward to meeting you in the next few weeks.


The Young Wales website is still being developed and will be a place for you to find out more about the project.  It will also include news and details about the different projects and priorities, and contain resources that has been developed locally and nationally.  The site is being designed for use by children and young people, and will be suitable for use on phones and tablets.

We are also looking at other ways to have regular contact with children and young people including social media, e-briefings, paper updates and magazines.  The youth forum visits will include looking at their ideas for which social media platforms are best for children and young people, what they want from a website and ideas for other ways to keep in touch.

National Participation Standards

The Standards inform young people what they should expect from their services, and tell organisations what they should be providing.  When we met with the participation officers they felt that the Standards are still important, and that more needs to be done to make services use the Standards in their work.

We have now formed a Standards group of workers who are interested in taking this work forward.

For more information about the Young Wales work please email (, or contact Ed Janes (Participation Development Officer) on 029 2034 2434