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Why are council taxpayers funding this part of the scheme at Mountain Ash

Contractors working for Rhondda Cynon Taf Council are working on a road junction to Cardiff Road Mountain Ash.


“Following ecological and preparatory works at the industrial estate, the Cardiff Road improvements represent the first works on site as part of the wider multi-million pound Cross Valley Link scheme, which is being delivered by 2020.”


Above is what was put out in a press release on Wednesday 26th July 2017 by Andrew Morgan Leader of RCTC, “Council Leader and Mountain Ash West Councillor, Andrew Morgan, visited Cwm Cynon Industrial Estate on Tuesday morning, where £270,000 improvements to the Cardiff Road junction started on July 17.”


£270,000 is a great deal of public money for road improvements, when the leader has for years been saying the council is short of money and has to cut services like closing all paddling pools, libraries, charging for bulk waste items just to name but a few of the cut imposed, not forgetting increasing our council tax every year.

We don’t consider council taxpayers should be paying £270,000 improvements to the Cardiff Road junction? Contractors working for RCTC and funded by RCT are constructing the main access road almost into the new development for Britain’s largest house builder Persimmon who has applied for development for 110 dwelling at Cym Cynon.


The question is why are we the council taxpayers funding this when according to the Telegraph, “Executives at Britain’s largest housebuilder are closing in on the first tranche of a potential £600m-plus payout” and according to the Daily Mail, Jeff Fairburn, the chief executive of house building giant Persimmon got a £112 million bonus.


The Labour controlled council will argue that this is part of the Cross Valley Link scheme, that is a fair comment but the question is why are council taxpayers funding this part of the scheme when Persimmon will make thousands from the development at Cym Cynon?


Fact is this Labour controlled council at RCT is spending your money to help well off developers to make even more profit, fact RCTC said it was up to the developer to remove asbestos and demolish Blaengwawr Comprehensive School. RCTC had the school demolished at council taxpayers expense and I am informed constructed a house for Bats on the site at a cost of around £40,000.


Is there any opposition in the council chamber to question what is going on? We are supposed to have regional AM’s who are well salaried but what are they doing for the people of Cynon Valley that’s the question.


Question do you think RCT council taxpayers should be funding this part of the scheme? Yes or No