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Who will take responsibility for constant pollution of Cynon Valley?

Following up on the abandon shopping trolleys the nuisance continues, walking around a small area today Monday 19 January more shopping trolleys dumped over weekend.


We have a situation where public bodies say the trolleys are being collected but in reality some trolleys are not collected.


AberdareOnline has informed the Rhondda Cynon Taf Council (RCTC) Director of Streetcare Nigel Wheeler of the continual dumping of shopping trolleys around Cynon Valley but the problems remain.

Perhaps (RCTC) has their own reason why they allow this continual flouting of the law to continue?


Removal of shopping trolleys

Schedule 4 of the EPA 1990 is an adoptive schedule under s.99 of the EPA1990 which allows a local authority to seize, store and dispose of abandoned shopping trolleys in its area. This measure applies to any shopping trolley on any land in the open air that appears to be abandoned. This includes land that is covered by water. A local authority must keep any trolley for a period of six weeks and if the trolley has not been claimed by this time, the local authority may either sell or dispose of it. The provisions allow for local authorities to recover the costs of seizure, storage and disposal from the owner of the trolley.


We at AberdareOnline have concerns with Natural Resources Wales, having been requested by Natural Resources Wales officer to provide map references where trolleys have been abandoned in the River Cynon. AberdareOnline provided map references and linked a small section of a map showing the area. That was back early December 2014, today the pollution is still there with more debris attracted to them restricting river flow.

After the heavy rain over the past few days more trolleys have been accumulating in this stretch of the River Cynon next to the Coed Dyffryn development.


Coed Dyffryn development built on a raised floodplain but some residents were anxious back last year as the River Cynon peaking just below the earth bund, pollution in the river at this point not good news for residents of Coed Dyffryn.

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and Natural Resources Wales as well as local supermarkets need to work together to stop this constant pollution on land and water.