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Westminster parties undermine partnership between nations

Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood has said Westminster parties are deploying dangerous and divisive rhetoric in a desperate attempt to win votes ahead of next week's election.

She said it was the progressive parties who have carried the mantle of social and political solidarity throughout these islands and called for people to reject the politics of division at the ballot box.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

"The parties advocating progressive, inclusive non-partisan cooperation in this election are not those who claim to cherish the political union above all others, but the national parties of Wales and Scotland.

"Along with the Greens in England, our parties have provided people across these islands with a collaborative alternative to the traditional combative Westminster politics.

"Its resonance is confirmed by the hundreds of supportive messages I have received from people in England following the televised debates.

"Having secured a multi-party, multi-national election campaign, my hope now is that the peoples of the UK ensure politics continues in that vain after the election itself.

"The so-called Conservative and Unionist Party in particular have deployed divisive rhetoric in a desperate bid to win votes. But the Westminster establishment must respect the democratic wishes of peoples through the UK.

"In the event of a hung parliament, Plaid Cymru will work with progressives from other parties to end Tory rule. Our vision for an investment-based recovery and rejection of austerity would rebalance power and wealth away from Westminster and would benefit communities across the UK.

"This election presents an opportunity for harmonious co-existence between our nations. An existence that respects our respective right to self-empowerment and equality. An opportunity to confine the old politics to history."