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Welsh Government budget passed by the Assembly

The Welsh Government Budget for 2015-16 has been passed by the National Assembly for Wales, following an agreement made between the Labour Welsh Government and the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

The Budget is worth £15.3 billion pounds and sets out how the Welsh Government will spend its money to provide public services in Wales. The Budget is intended to reflect the Welsh Government’s priorities of improving health and well-being, promoting growth and jobs, breaking the link between poverty and educational attainment and supporting children, families and deprived communities.

Health services in Wales will receive £425m extra more money over two years, but other departments face cuts as the budget total, which comes as part of the Barnett Formula from the UK Government, has been squeezed in real terms.

The deal made with the Liberal Democrats include extra spending on the Pupil Deprivation Grant and increasing school spending in poorer areas.

You can find the full budget document and further information on the Welsh Government website at