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Welsh Conservatives react to Education Minister’s curriculum change statement

Commenting, Shadow Education Minister Suzy Davies AM, said;

“The Welsh Government’s proposed changes to the curriculum in Wales are huge.  They may have political support but we are now approaching the stage where we need clarity on practicality, accountability, teacher training and most of all, a higher quality education for our young people. 

They need knowledge, new, relevant skills and a strong sense of responsibility for themselves and those around them.  Those will enable them to be co-productive contributors to their communities as well as to a quickly changing economy.   

“The new curriculum should teachers and schools the flexibility to meet pupil need but leave no place to hide poor practice..

“As well as getting ahead of changes coming through digitalisation and artificial intelligence, Wales’ central economic challenge is to boost growth amongst are small and medium sized enterprises for the long term. In order to grow and thrive, our SMEs need to be supported by a vibrant and diverse works force with a deep skills base.

“The acid test for the Welsh Labour Government’s curriculum reforms will be whether it provides healthy, ambitious, ethical citizens, proud to be players in an active Welsh society and growing Welsh economy.”