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Welsh Conservatives announce long-term COVID-19 management plan

Welsh Conservatives have announced their plan for managing coronavirus in the long-term in Wales ahead of a panel discussion with a leading health and social care think tank.

It’s widely accepted the health impact of Covid-19 will be around for years to come and the Welsh Conservatives will implement a long-term COVID-19 management plan to ensure that people who have suffered Covid-19 are supported and that we keep combatting this deadly virus.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Health Minister, Angela Burns MS, has outlined details of the plan before taking part in a Bevan Commission Cross-Party panel on Thursday evening, which will discuss manifesto commitments to secure health and care in Wales 2021 and beyond.

The ‘COVID-19 Management Plan’ will see Welsh Conservatives:

  • Appoint a dedicated COVID-19 Recovery Minister in the Welsh Government to oversee all areas of coronavirus recovery including the vaccine rollout across Wales, and is responsible for the administration and delivery of any booster shots.
  • Support people experiencing long-term effects of COVID-19 by establishing clinics dedicated to treating long-Covid, ensuring they get the support they need from Welsh Government.
  • Ensure that Wales is prepared in the event of another pandemic, working to create a Welsh Pandemic Network for the production of PPE and hand sanitiser to support our Welsh NHS and care homes.
  • Urgently establish routes to support for people suffering with mental health problems from the pandemic, especially NHS staff and care workers from providing palliative care and those suffering bereavement who weren’t able to say goodbye to loved ones.

Announcing the proposals, Angela Burns MS said:

“Coronavirus has devastated Wales and our people and public services and government will continue to feel the effects for years to come.

“Long-Covid can have a huge impact on people and Welsh Conservatives will doing everything we can to support people who will suffer with their health.

“Welsh Conservatives will bring forward a long-term COVID-19 management plan that will be the sole responsibility of a recovery minister and include actions to support the ongoing vaccination programme and any subsequent booster shots, the establishment of long-Covid clinics across Wales, and the creation of a Welsh Pandemic Network to ensure we are fully prepared for every eventuality.”


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