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Welsh Ambulance Service statement on June 2015's performance figures

Tracy Myhill, Chief Executive of the Welsh Ambulance Service, said: “Once again there’s been another improvement in our performance. Six months of continuous improvement in response times is the culmination of new and innovative approaches within the ambulance service and with health boards, and the sheer hard work of all our staff.

“You’ll have heard in today’s ministerial announcement that we are moving away from focusing purely on time-based targets and looking more closely to measure the quality of what we do for our patients once we arrive.

“Don’t worry – for conditions where time is critical, like a heart attack or if someone isn’t breathing, we’ll continue to send the nearest available ambulance in the shortest time possible.

“For less serious conditions, we’re going to measure how well we treat you and how often we manage to avert a trip to hospital by referring you to your GP or to another service, where that is more appropriate for your needs.

“This means that more patients are going to get the right care, in the right place, at the right time, and it means there’ll be more ambulances available for those patients who really need them.

“Our focus is to continue to deliver excellent clinical care to the people that need our help and to improve the overall patient experience.

“On the subject of patient experience, last week we were contacted by mother Maria Callendar, from Risca, after her five-year-old daughter Mya suffered a nasty fall at home.

“Maria wrote to us to express her thanks to the crew who helped her daughter and put her at ease during what was a very distressing situation – the crew even taught Mya a magic trick that she impresses her friends with now!

“Maria’s kind feedback is just one of the hundreds of compliments we get every year from patients. In June, we had more than 70 compliments alone.

“The new clinical model, which is a one-year pilot, is being implemented in October, so until then we will continue to be measured on our timeliness.

“We need the public to continue to ‘Choose Well’ and use our ambulance service wisely and appropriately.

“Please only dial 999 if you’re seriously ill or injured or your life is at risk. Please help us to help you and to be there for you when you need us.”

The Trust reached 61.4% of Category A calls within eight minutes in June 2015, compared to May’s 59.4%, April’s 58.7%, March’s 52.9%, February’s 51.2%, January’s48.5% and December’s 42.6%.

Here’s how we fared in:

9 minutes 66.96%
10 minutes 71.41%
11 minutes 75.38%
12 minutes 78.60%
15 minutes 86.27%
20 minutes 92.78%

Of the 36,013 calls received in June, 13,199 were ‘Red’ calls – serious and immediately life-threatening.

Of those, 1,394 were categorised as ‘Red 1’ (e.g. cardiac arrest) and we reached73.61% of those within eight minutes, and 11,805 were categorised as ‘Red 2’ (e.g. suspected stroke), and we reached 59.88% of those within eight minutes.

We reached 73.6% of the most serious and life-threatening calls in eight minutes in June, up by 2.63% compared with May and up by 5.52% compared with June of last year.