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Welsh A&E stress levels worse than during Iraq War



Responding to the comments from a senior nurse that stress levels in Welsh A&E departments are worse than that experienced on the frontline during the Iraq War, Andrew RT Davies AM, Welsh Conservative Leader, said:


“This is a harrowing call for help to address the deep-rooted problems in emergency care in Wales, made worse by Labour’s legacy of record-breaking NHS cuts.


“While all health services face increased levels of demand during the winter months, this letter reveals the scale of the turmoil facing staff in Welsh A&E departments.


“Staff in A&E departments work tirelessly to deliver the highest standards of care for patients, often in challenging conditions, but that some staff think it is worse than a warzone is a distressing plea for help.


“It is disappointing that no Welsh Government Minister has come forward to reassure staff and patients that measures are being taken to support hardworking staff and remove unnecessary obstacles in the undertaking of their already challenging jobs.”



Darren Millar AM, Shadow Minister for Health, said, “This is a dreadful, blow by blow account of a typical day in the life of frontline staff in a Welsh A&E department.


“Emergency care pressures are more acute here than in most other parts of the UK, so it is vital that all political parties in Wales work together to find solutions to the challenges faced by the NHS in order that we can turn this situation around.


“In the short-term, the Welsh Government must reconsider its programme of cuts to NHS budgets and invest more cash in the frontline to help our hospitals cope with the unprecedented demand on services.”