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We’ll have none of that democracy around here thank you.

Well the Council AGM is fast approaching and in keeping with tradition the ruling Labour group are putting yet another nail in the coffin of democracy in RCT.

They have already in previous years stitched up scrutiny committees so that their own people remain firmly in charge and ensured that committees are kept small enough so there is no danger of the Democratic Alliance, which consists of Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell and Conservative Councillor Joel James, getting a seat on anything apart from the Officer Appeals committee!

They have limited the number of motions that can be put forward to 20 in total, with most of those being taken up by the Labour group. The Alliance pairing can put forward only one motion every year to Council.

Now they are clamping down even more on this pesky business of opposition Councillors actually trying to hold them to account - after all they don't want any of that nonsense when they are trying to get their own way uninterrupted.

This year they propose to make alterations to the system whereby questions can be put at Council meetings to the Leader, Cabinet Members or indeed any other Councillor. In future any Councillor will only be able to ask one question per meeting. There will remain a limit of five questions in total per meeting.

They also intend to introduce a new clause which states that "The subject matter of the question to be put cannot be repeated by any Member for a period of six months following the relevant Council meeting at which it was asked."

How on earth is any scrutiny to take place or can any opposition member - especially in the smaller groups - hold this Council to account?

On the plus side they are very graciously going to allow Councillors and the public to tweet from meetings in future.

Democracy is well and truly dead and buried as far as RCT Labour Council are concerned.