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Warnng from South Wales Police to Rhondda residents as burglaries continue

Following a warning to residents in June, burglars are continuing to target insecure houses, sheds and outbuildings throughout Rhondda.
Police are reiterating their advice to ‘lock it or risk losing it’ as burglars have struck a further 15 times so far in July.
Eleven further attempts have also been made on garages, houses and sheds. 
Local Policing Inspector Elen Reeves, said: “Burglars continue to be active in the area. We are doing what we can do find out who is responsible and anybody with information is urged to contact us. Residents should be on their guard and make sure that doors and locked and valuable property is either kept indoors or is fixed down.”
Arrests have been made for house burglaries. Earlier this week a burglar was sentenced to more than 800 days in prison for a burglary in Porth in June. 
Elen Reeves continued: “Our officers are in the area day and night and we are doing everything that we can to prevent further incidents and find who is responsible. We’ve made some arrests which is good news but the public should be vigilant and report anything suspicious to us. People should also check their sheds and outbuildings to see if they have been targeted as often, incidents are reported days after which can impinge upon our investigations.”
Anybody with information should contact South Wales Police via 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.