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UK deaths from Alzheimer's disease up by 52 per cent, finds study

An analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study, published in The Lancet, has found that Alzheimer's disease was responsible for 52 per cent more deaths in 2013 compared to 1990.
The number of UK deaths from Alzheimer's rose from 32,429 in 1990 to 49,349 in 2013.
Commenting on this research Dr James Pickett, Head of Research and Development at Alzheimer's Society, said:
'These figures lay out the scale of the challenge dementia poses to the UK. Both increasing life expectancy and a better recognition amongst doctors of Alzheimer's disease in the last decade are factors behind this rise. However, as the condition is not consistently recorded as a cause of death, this may even be an understatement. With 225,000 people developing dementia every year - the equivalent to one person every three minutes - the condition is one of the biggest health and social care challenges we face.
'Despite these statistics, funding for dementia research lags far behind other conditions like cancer. It is vital that we see a step change in dementia research funding so that it is proportionate to the economic and social impact of the condition.'
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