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Trail of coins helped lead officers to money box burglar

A woman whose house was burgled as she, her husband, and three children slept upstairs, said she ‘felt sick and violated’ following the incident in which her childrens’ money boxes had been stolen from downstairs.

The victim laid bare her feelings when she chose to read out a victim statement at the hearing in Merthyr Crown Court on Monday (February 2) where the man responsible for the despicable crime – Jamie Norton – was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to the offence.
On Thursday, 15 January, 35 year-old Norton from Graig, Pontypridd, had crept in the house on Llanfair Road, Penygraig, in which three children, including a 9 month old baby, slept upstairs. He made off with handbags, credit cards, phones, a tablet, and even two children’s money boxes, which actually helped to lead officers straight to him. He even took the car keys and stole the car from the drive.
But Norton was found within hours of the burglary being reported. Officers located the stolen car in nearby Aubrey Road, and when reports were received by eyewitnesses that a bus driver had been seen picking coins up off the floor, they had a good idea who they were looking for.
They were in no doubt when they checked a property lived in by Norton’s partner, as through the window, they could see the stolen money box. When they got into the house, they found all the other property.
His conviction was secured by a footprint that was lifted from the scene of the burglary – it was an exact match for footwear found in the house being searched.
So damming was the file of evidence against him, Jamie Norton pleaded guilty to the offence.
Police Constable Julian Stevens, from the region’s priority crime team which investigates burglaries, said:

“A quick response and good local intelligence meant we caught up with Jamie Norton within hours of the report coming in, and caught him virtually red handed. Any later and the stolen property may have been discarded.
“He pretended to be asleep on the couch when we gained entry to the house, no doubt hoping to claim he’d been there all along, but all the items stolen – including children’s Peppa Pig money box – were in that house with him.
“Now, he’ll spend time behind bars where he can no longer commit such heartless and despicable crimes which bring untold distress to innocent families who have a right to feel safe in their own home.”