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Tearing up the Labour manifesto in RCT

The following excerpts are all taken from the Labour Council manifesto of 2012. Just about every promise has been broken.
People trusted them to deliver - we hope they will not be taken in by them in the same way again
These are challenging times as the cuts to public sector finances bite. Labour Councillors have demonstrated their commitment to find ways and means to mitigate their impact on local communities and the Council services we all so heavily rely on.
Our manifesto is geared towards ensuring fairness for families and older people, protecting the services which support them. If re-elected, at the heart of our work will be a commitment to stimulate investment in infrastructure, such as roads and schools, ensuring a boost for the local economy and creating jobs.
Labour Councillors are on the side of your community. We represent the values of ordinary families right across Rhondda Cynon Taf.
'FIVE' to Protect & Keep.
Public sector funding is being slashed by the Conservative & Lib Dem Government in London, which threatens the many important services local Councils provide. A Labour controlled Council would commit to protect the following services valued by the public.
A Labour controlled Council would commit to protect the provision of our seven days a week meals on wheels service and other associated services supporting the elderly introduced by Labour from UK Government cuts.
Despite cuts to public sector finances, a Labour Council would commit to continue Labour's programme of investment in frontline services, such as highways, the environment and services for the elderly and vulnerable.
Labour in Rhondda Cynon Taf already has a strong track record of investment to improve our environment. A Labour controlled Council will protect and maintain weekly refuse collections and will not following the example of neighbouring Plaid Cymru & Lib Dem controlled Councils who have adopted fortnightly collection of waste.
A Labour Council will protect the E3 initiative which has transformed the availability of activities to engage young people after school within every school area in Rhondda Cynon Taf.
Our 'Street Blitz' approach to ensuring our neighbourhoods are clean, green and tidy will be protected and will receive additional support and investment under a Labour controlled Council.
Transparency & Openness
A Labour controlled Council would commit to streaming its meetings on the Council's webpage.
Zero Charges for Bulky Collections
If re-elected Labour will continue its policy of maintaining zero charges for bulky collections.
7 - Delivering Support for People
Labour in Rhondda Cynon Taf is one of the only Councils in Wales not to reduce its support for people receiving care. Supporting the vulnerable is a key priority for Labour Councillors and if re-elected we pledge to continue the pioneering work of the Council in providing support for the elderly.
Protect Services for Elderly
Labour Councillors pledge to protect the vital services the older generation rely on and to continue investing in these key areas.
Seven Days a Week Meals on Wheels
A Labour Council would pledge to protect this service from the cuts from the UK government.
Supporting Independence
Labour Councillors will ensure a further development of the Telecare model to support people's independence and would establish a professional review to seek recommendations on how Council services can be shaped to support people in their own homes.
Support Services for Vulnerable
Labour Councillors will ensure that the needs of the vulnerable are considered in all its service planning. If re-elected we will continue to prioritise funding in this area to ensure fairness for all.
Community Learning
Labour Councillors will commit to the protection of Library Services into the future, with the development of further modern and shared facilities. Labour Councillors will increase the book fund reduced by Plaid.
Healthy Active Lifestyles
After years of under investment Labour Councillors have already progressed a significant investment and improved programme for our local Leisure Centres. If reelected, Labour Councillors would continue this investment.
More Play Facilities
If re-elected, Labour Councillors would commit to investment in new park and play facilities across the County.
More Choice
Labour Councillors will ensure that its Leisure customers are provided with greater choice to achieve their fitness aims and will ensure that each centre is equipped with state of the art equipment.
In Challenging Times
Labour Councillors will provide strong leadership for local communities in order to help those communities respond to the challenging times we face.
Improving Travel & Transport
Labour Councillors will co-operate in the delivery of initiatives to secure integrated transport, improving bus and train services for local communities.