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SWFRS response to public support for deliberate grass fires

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service wishes to thank the public for their messages of support and offers of help, it is greatly appreciated. We recognise your concerns and willingness to help stop such devastation across our countryside and communities. If you have any information about someone who may have deliberately set a fire or see suspicious activity, then please report it to 101, our Fire Crime Unit on 0800 731 7287 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Deliberate grass fires are extremely difficult and challenging to fight, which is why we have invested in state of the art kit and equipment and operational tactics.
Chief Fire Officer Huw Jakeway urges the public to “not to put themselves in harm’s way by tackling these fires”. He thanks the public for their support but urges them to stay safe.

What we do ask is for everyone:

  • Think about the consequences of deliberate fire setting and the impact on the countryside and wildlife
  • Think about the impact that deliberate fires have on your communities  
  • Think about the impact on Firefighters and their safety, while they are attending these deliberate fires they are not able to respond to other incidents including house fires and road traffic collisions
  • Arson is a crime, SWFRS works closely with both Police Services to bring those responsible to justice. You can help by providing accurate information or descriptions to enable the police to arrest those concerned
  • If you are part of a neighbourhood scheme or PAWS on Patrol, then your information is invaluable and we ask that you continue to report any suspicious activity to our Fire Crime Unit or our Police colleagues

SWFRS also has a Wildfire Project Group which collaborates closely with Mid & West Fire and Rescue Service, Natural Resources Wales, the Brecon Beacons National Park, the Wildlife Trust, the Probation Service Community Payback and Local Authorities to educate and reduce the impact of wildfires on our communities.