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Swansea proposes first council-owned energy company in Wales

The first council-owned energy company could be set up in Wales, following proposals published by Swansea Council.

The council has launched a public consultation into setting up a not-for-profit energy services company.

Cllr Andrea Lewis, Swansea Council's cabinet member for homes and energy, said: ‘The big six have around 80% of the market - and their normal tariffs are so high that they have significant social consequences which are picked up by the taxpayer through the NHS and local councils.

‘We're working on a possible solution - our own energy company.

‘Our investigation will ask the people of Swansea if they would consider buying energy at a low cost from a local, people-friendly, not-for-profit company.’

The consultation will ask people if they would consider being customers of the new company. If the feedback is positive, a detailed business case will be drawn up.