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Strong Plaid Cymru team will be Wales’ voice in Westminster

Leanne Wood has said that the strong team of three Plaid Cymru MPs elected to will be a strong voice for Wales in Westminster.

The Party of Wales leader said that an increase in Plaid Cymru’s vote across Wales shows that people are looking towards a positive alternative to the UK establishment parties.

Leanne Wood also said that the Labour party had failed to offer a viable alternative to the right wing cuts agenda of the Conservative party.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said:

"During this campaign Plaid Cymru took every opportunity to put forward our positive alternative vision for Wales’ future. We were predicted to have lost two of our three seats at the beginning of the campaign but we ended up increasing our majorities in both those seats, and we increased our share of the vote elsewhere.

"Plaid Cymru’s team of MPs will make sure that Wales is at centre stage every coming day.

"We have gained ground in new places such as the Rhondda, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Wrexham, and the western valleys, which will put us in good stead for the National Assembly elections next year.

"The Labour party has failed to offer a viable alternative to the Conservative party’s cruel austerity agenda. We are expecting even worse cuts, deeper austerity to our local communities – despite the fact Wales hasn’t given them a mandate for that. Only Plaid Cymru offered a positive alternative.

"The Party of Wales will hold the next UK government to account and we will be a strong voice for Wales in Westminster."