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SNP proves that another path is possible for Wales

Only Plaid Cymru can deliver where Labour has failed

The Party of Wales candidate in Cynon Valley Cerith Griffiths has warned that only Plaid Cymru can succeed where Labour has failed in Wales. Addressing the SNP Trade Union Group conference in Sterling, Cerith Griffiths said that the SNP has proven that another way is possible for Wales.

He said that the SNP and Plaid Cymru can both be a strong voice for workers.

Addressing the conference, the Party of Wales candidate in the Cynon Valley Cerith Griffiths said that Labour has failed to deliver for the people of Wales:

“A Labour party that is intent on winning Tory votes will never be a voice for workers. People from across these islands need only look to Wales to see how Labour’s rhetoric in opposition transforms when they’re in government.

“How many times have we seen Labour politicians talk of the unfairness and pain of the Bedroom Tax? “We’ll scrap it if we were in government” they said.

“Well they are in government in Wales and while the devolved government in Scotland has implemented a no evictions policy, in Wales where Labour are in power, they have consistently refused to do so.

“How many times have we heard a Labour politician slam the use of zero hour contracts? Another one of their big election pledges. Plaid Cymru has tried on three occasions in the National Assembly to ban the use of zero hour contracts in the care sector, and on all three occasions, Labour refused to back us.

“And they wonder why people have lost faith in them.”

Cerith Griffiths said:

“The SNP has shown us that a different path is possible for Wales. That we don’t have to accept our poverty as inevitable; our education system doesn’t have to be dragging behind and our NHS needn’t be on its knees.”

The Plaid Cymru Cynon Valley candidate added:

“Scotland, you have shown Wales that there is another way. That our voice can be heard and that there is an alternative to austerity. Plaid Cymru is the only party that has the ambition and the vision to improve quality of life for Welsh workers. It is time for the people of Wales to show the same faith in the Party of Wales that that people of Scotland have placed in the Scottish National Party.”