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Schools closure consultation begins with no fanfare from Council

The consultation on the proposals to close several schools in the Rhondda and Tonyrefail, remove sixth forms from Tonypandy, Porth and Ferndale and create new 3 to 16 and 3 to 19 year old schools has begun. The Labour Cabinet decided on 2nd October to press forward with the reorganisation and a consultation process will now last until January. Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillor Mike Powell said he would have expected the launch of the consultation to be given more prominence. "The consultation was launched on the 20th but with no flourish from RCT Council at all. There has been no announcement on their website - although there is one about the phase 3 cuts - and anyone wanting to take part has to look for it. "I appreciate that booklets are being sent home via schools, but this is a major proposal and it does not just affect children currently in school. The whole community needs to be aware of what is going on and should be able to easily access details and submit their views. "

The schools consultation can be found on link.