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Save our Male Voice Choirs

Our documentary film following Blaenavon Male Voice Choir, as they look to encourage new, younger members to join them, adapt their repertoire and to embrace social media, is in full swing. The film not only follows Blaenavon MVC, but also Pendyrus, the Australian Welsh Male Voice Choir, London Welsh Male Voice Choir, Tenby MVC, Bristol MVC, Marazion Apollo MVC, Sons of Lafayette from the USA, Chor Musica from Canada and The St Petersberg Boys Choir from Russia. The film also features Mannerstimmen Basel of Switzerland and Tallinn University Choir from Estonia, as well as featuring the CIMVCF, where Blaenavon MVC were crowned Best British Choir for 40 and under voices.



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Once upon a time when the mines were the life blood of the Welsh valleys, the choral sounds of the male voice choir could be heard in every town. Choirs were a key part of society, community and life across Wales. As life has changed, Wales has evolved and the old mines have shut down - the heritage of the WMVC is under threat. 
This crowd funding campaign is designed to raise the funds required to make a documentary film exploring the history and heritage of the Welsh male voice choir. It will look at how choirs need to evolve in order to move with the times and share the stories of choirs from across Wales, England and the world. We are looking for £8000 to cover the costs of filming and to make this project something that the entire choral world can embrace, share and learn from – and hopefully it will bring the beauty of the choir to whole new audiences! Your donation will help secure the future of many Welsh male voice choirs.
This project will follow the Blaenavon Male Voice Choir as they look to evolve, to bring in new blood and to share their heritage with the younger generation. As they embrace social media and adapt their repertoire, they also strive to keep alive the old choral hymns. We follow their story as they endeavor to move with the times, perform at concerts across the UK and attend events such as the Cornwall International Male Voice Chorus Festival. We follow several key members of the choir, as they look to encourage young people to join them and also learn to use new technology.
We will also be following the choir’s youngest member, Dione, as he takes the choir into his college in order to record music tracks. Studying music at Ebbw Vale College - Dione has everything at his disposal and through his course he looks to work alongside professionals, tutors and his fellow students to record a new EP for the choir. His hope is that his fellow students will be encouraged to get involved and either join Blaenavon MVC or their own local choir. Dione’s father and grandfather have been members of Blaenavon MVC for over 30 years and he would like to see it continue with his own children one day.
As well as looking to the future, we shall also explore the past. One hundred years ago the choir was a key part of life in Wales, as mining communities joined together in song. Blaenavon was once a global hub of industrial activity and its choir thrived. Now a UNESCO world heritage site, Blaenavon is the strongest link to our prestigious past. The place the choir once held in Blaenavon’s community is a shining example of the social structure of many towns across Wales. By documenting the history of the Welsh MVC we can share it with future generations.
We shall also be following other choirs from across Wales and further afield. Tenby MVC, Pendyrus MVC, Abercynon MVC, The Plough Singers, Brythoniaid MVC, The South Wales Gay Men’s Choir as well as the London Welsh MVC and the Australian Welsh MVC. Each of them has their own story, their own repertoire and has had their successes or difficulties. Appealing to young people, embracing youth culture and adapting to social media is something each choir needs to address in order to survive. Some have been far more successful than others and will share the secrets of their success. 
Can the BMVC inspire young people to want to learn more about Welsh culture? Can they help choirs across Wales to bring in new, younger members? Can they secure the future of choirs through sharing their tradition, passion and patriotism with the next generation? All will be explored.
We have support from BBC Radio Wales and Wales Online, as well as local media outlets across Wales and further afield, but we still need your help!
We need donations to help make this project a success and to allow us to meet choirs across the UK. The BMVC will be recording new music, creating a music video and sharing their journey with the world.
Donate now and help us save our choirs!


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