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Save Aberdare Park Open Pool on Facebook

Feelings are running high over the closer of Aberdare Park Paddling pool there is a partition to keep the pool open there are paper petitions available in Blaengwawr stores, Temple Bar, Cardiff road fish bar and plough Inn Aberaman and one in Gareth Rees Newsagents.


Looking at the Facebook site we understand the organizers have been in contact with Abercynon paddling pool committee and having some fabulous feedback from them. “They are also willing to help in anyway they can. I have had a rough guide on the cost of running the pool, £16.000 pounds. This cost covers the water and chemicals. which is roughly £6.000 and the £10.000 was to cover attendants for the pool at minimum wage.”


£16000 to run the pool for a season, as you are all aware Rhondda Cynon Taf Council provide funding for events in the park Aberdare Festival and the 2 day motorcycle road race. No one wants to see these events taken away but you have to ask the question why close the paddling pool for the season but provides funding for 2 events for 3 days only.


We have requested under the freedom of Information Act the cost of Aberdare Festival but not received a response because of timescale. We did receive figures for Aberaman Motorcycle Club some time ago; in 2014 they received £18,000 and in 2013 they received £18,750 but there were other grants for that year an additional £50,000 to Aberaman Motorcycle. We have requested if RCTC has provided funding for this years event but not received a response.


There seems to be lots of money around if you know where and how to get it so why RCTC have closed Aberdare Park Paddling Poole that’s the question.


I don't know how much things have changed but I was part of bringing the races back to Aberdare Park in 1976 and the local authority never helped financially ever. They even made us pay to resurface areas of the track which needed it. Can't speak for the event now but I find it hard to believe they have changed that much.

The Aberdare Motorcycle road races have received substantial grants to maintain the event the grant were available and they took advantage as the organizers are passionate about keeping the event at the park.


We have requested through the freedom of information and received responses as to what grants received not because we want to see the event closing but just to show what grants are out there for a two-day event. It highlighted the fact that so much funding can be raised and yet one of the main features of the park the paddling pool was closed due to a shortage of money.


The Aberdare Festival a one day event costing  £28,215.87 is that value for money or would it be better of keeping open the paddling pool for the summer?