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Right Place. Right Time. Right Reason.

GoSafe has recently announced more details about their the new deployment strategy.

Speed cameras and enforcement vans have become a common sight on the roads and communities of Wales over the last few decades.

GoSafe place cameras where people have been killed or injured, where excessive speeds have been recorded, for special operations such as enforcing not wearing a seatbelt or at sites of community concern.

Cameras are not hidden to catch drivers out or placed where they will record the most speeding offences. Cameras are there to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit, so the most successful cameras are those which record the least number of offences, not the most.

Cameras not only capture speeding offences, but also mobile phone use and non-compliance with the requirement to wear a seatbelt offences.

Following on from the lead of Australia and New Zealand and a successful trial in some English forces; since June 2019 GoSafe has undertaken a refreshed deployment strategy with mobile cameras.   GoSafe will be visible anywhere at anytime and for the right reason.

The sites will be selected according to collision risk and in order to maximise the compliance with the speed limit across the whole of Wales, not just where the minority think they could be detected.  This deployment strategy could mean that one enforcement site on a route will be enforcing speed, whilst another site focuses on mobile phone use. Or both could focus on speed.  A presence in one site on a route will not mean that there won’t be a presence at another site a few miles down the route.

Vans are highly liveried to be visible: the presence of street lighting or a relevant speed limit sign should be the reminder to the public that they should comply with the limit, and they may see a van.

GoSafe's aim through this scheme is to make motorists think about their manner of driving and to drive safely and legally along their entire route.

“We know that where there are mobile cameras present motorists comply with the speed limits and with our cameras being present on only 2% of the road network of Wales we strongly believe that our cameras should be able to extend their effectiveness across a larger section of the road network.

There is never a need or an excuse for speeding and this new strategy is aimed at improving the compliance of the speed limits by motorists across the roads of Wales for the safety of all.”

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager

GoSafe also point out that there is also a perception by some motorists that cameras cannot enforce without the presence of speed camera sign. "This is untrue and we encourage all motorists to assume that where they see a speed limit sign or in an area with street lighting, there could also be an enforcement camera. Where we enforce, there is greater compliance with the speed limit which we would like to see across the road network as a whole, not just at a small number of locations".