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Rhondda Cynon Taf half a Job and more expense to Council Taxpayer Why?

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council attempt to complete Seymour Street in Mountain Ash when a car was left in the street when the council was going to place new tarmac throughout the street.


But they still haven’t learnt any lessons from the last time 1 day’s notice of work to be carried out is inadequate, what if residents are on holiday?


Now RCTC have to return to Seymour Street at extra cost to council taxpayer and the job will be substandard a patch in a new road slapdash or not?


The person who owns the car should foot the bill. Every other resident in the street complied with the notice and moved their vehicle why should this individual be any different?

To be fair to that person it would appear that RCTC only provided 1 days notice I do believe the car owner was on holiday at the time so I don't think he/she is to blame.

To makegood the road RCTC again gave only 1 days notice again not learning by their mistakes it would seem