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Residential child care worker survey

The Care Council has commissioned a survey to help understand more about what it means to work as a residential child care worker.

We’d like to learn more about:

  • encouraging people with potential to join this important workforce
  • understanding how you regard the qualification
  • understanding what makes people leave the sector
  • understanding what makes you proud or not to be in this job
  • developing appropriate strategies to support workers and managers in residential child care
  • facilitating learning and development that will enable you to best meet the needs of children in your care

Ann James, workforce development manager for the Care Council, said: "We would very much encourage all residential child care workers to participate. The aim of the survey (which can be completed online in no more than 6-7 minutes) is to help the Care Council understand the profile, motivations and aspirations of employees across Wales."

If you need help or advice with any of the questions please contact Ann James, Workforce Development Manager at or telephone 01745 586 866.

The questionnaire is being carried out by an independent research company, Vector Research Ltd and can be completed here:

Residential child care worker survey

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