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Reaping The Rewards of Royal Welsh Show’s Pop-Up Community Garden

There’s an amazing opportunity for Royal Welsh Show visitors to get their hands dirty this year, thanks to an innovative plan to create a pop-up community garden by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG).

People of all ages, including children, will be invited to ‘muck in’ and create the garden during the show, which will feature many different aspects of community growing including wildlife gardening, growing food to eat, vertical growing and child-friendly growing.

The aim is to showcase the work of community growing projects, which have become extremely popular in Wales over the last few years, with community-run gardens, farms, orchards, food and health projects springing up in their hundreds.

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens recently launched a new project called Tyfy Fynu (Growing Up) to get even more people actively involved in community growing. It hopes the garden will encourage this as well as being an oasis of calm and relaxed activity away from the hustle and bustle of the main Show.

There will also be a series of events and talks focusing on different models of gardening and farming that create benefits for communities and individuals, such as care farms, community supported agriculture schemes and community gardens.

A photo exhibition about community growing will be displayed for visitors to view and plenty of staff and volunteers on hand throughout the show to provide information and resources as well as activities to engage and enthuse new growers inspired by the garden and exhibition.

Emma Williams, FCFCG Wales Manager said: “We want to give people a chance to come down, roll up their sleeves and get stuck in so that they can see, literally hands-on, just how fun, friendly and relaxing community growing can be.

“Our events and the photo exhibition will also be a great opportunity for people from all walks of life to find out just how community growing has really taken off in Wales, and how it is helping to create a more sustainable, resilient and food-secure Wales.

“We’re hoping farmers, gardeners and members of the public will be really surprised and interested in what is going on in our sector – and how they can join in the fun!”

FCFCG’s stand is located within the Countryside Care Area, CCA790, and will feature information on FCFCG itself, as well as other related projects such as the Community Land Advisory Service and Care Farming UK.