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RCT School Transport Consultation Update

RCT have now confirmed that they are consulting on proposals to introduce charges for all discretionary transport. This would mean a £1.75 per day charge for every pupil who uses RCT transport to attend St John Baptist Church in Wales High School, with free school meal children paying £1.

All of the Church schools in RCT are against these proposals.

We have written to every Councillor, Assembly Member and Member of Parliament outlining our concerns. We would urge you to also contact your local politicians to express your concerns. The link below will give your their names, the area that they serve and their email address. It is important that Councillors and other politicians realise the impact that these changes will have on parents and families.

RCT will be publishing a full consultation document shortly. We will forward details to all parents as soon as we have them.

(These proposed changes only effect those who live in RCT. Caerphilly and Merthyr local authorities currently have no proposals to change their arrangements)

Contact details for local councillors and politicians

RCT has begun its consultation on home to school transport. Below is a link to the website. It is essential that as many people as possible respond to this consultation. 

Home to School Transport Consultation